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  1. Sorry Mathew but it would appear that Henry Thorp Skelton and John Kenyon Skelton come from a completely different line of the family
  2. Sheffielder "lost At Sea?"

    Sadly we confirmed the end of this story. We found a letter to Herbert's mother from a Mrs Browne of Liverpool, In it she explains how Herbert and her son had become companions. They were on "The Barque Sunlight" but another version of the ship I mentioned above, It left Baltimore bound for Newcastle on sept 16th 1878 and was posted as missing. I have confirmation from the maritime museum in Norway, where the ship was registered, that it was lost with all hands during its trip back to Newcastle, poor Uncle Herbert would have been just 20 years old
  3. Thanks History Dude. I already have these from another post a few years ago where you kindly posted them along with some other amazing details supplied by Edmund and yourself James was Sarah's son and he and Eliza were my Gt grandparents, Joseph I believe would have been James's uncle. James snr died in 1844 and Sarah 1867 both of them show on the records as being burried at Christ Church Gleedless as well, any sign of their gravestone in your extensive records?. I have hit the brick wall with my Skelton side in the late 1700's in Handsworth with my Gt Gt Gt grandfather John. How he got to Handsworth is a mystery of the parish records, so I had moved my search to the other branches of the family all of which I have managed to get much further back thanks mainly to them coming from Derbyshire and the fact that DCC have all their records on family search including original copies. . I then obtained Sarah's will which threw another spanner in the works with the "new" grandson (unfortunately I hav'nt yet located her husbands will from 1844 which may shed some more light) It appears they all managed to acrue some small wealth for the time, at least enough to get voting rites in 1841, and had hoped with the money they may have left a few more imprints in the past for me to find, but as usual it just gets more frustrating
  4. Yes it get worse the more you dig into these matters. According to Hansworth parish records Sarah Booker and James Skelton married in Sept 1811 Sarah and James had their first child John in 1813 A Mary Skelton married a William Major in 1837 they had a son Thomas in 1845 and had moved to East Drayton where william was born by 1851 census. Mary died in 1856. William re-married and can be found with his family by 1871 living in Sheffield Park, Thomas is 25 and is a Brazier by trade (his father being a saddle maker) and now the confusing bit In handsworth baptisms there are two Mary Skeltons recorded SKELTON Mary Joseph Mary 09/06/1811 17/05/1811 Gleadless SKELTON Mary James Mary 19/01/1812 12/11/1811 Hollinsend Joseph i believe to be James cousin, but suddenly there is a new James in the records, but it is too much of a coincidence tied in with the will not to be one and the same. Mary is not mentioned in the will but by the time it was written she had died so it would be good that Sarah was looking after her grandson. As luck would have it there is no mention in the marriage records as to Mary's parents so it could be either Mary that married William Major but why would she leave such a substantial ammount to a child that was not her kin. So now I am faced with two posible outcomes ..... Either there was a mistake in the records posiblbly with transcription and Sarah was heavily pregnant when they married or James fathered a child with someone called Mary in the same year he married Sarah and they brought the child up as their own! Unfortunatley Mary gets married before 1841 census so we cannot see who she was living with. Either way it is yet another family mystery thet may never be answered and all I wanted to know was if there was a few stocks and real eastate heading my way.
  5. Just thought I would post this for anyone who may be interested. Sarah was my 2nd Great Grandmother and lived for the most part in Hollins End with her husband James Skelton who was a farmer. It is quite an extensive will for someone with effects under £200 even though that was worth much more then so I am unsure where all the stocks, shares and real eastate went before she died. It does throw up another mystery for me as she leaves £100 to her grandson Thomas Mayor who was previously unknown to me in my research and can only assume at the moment the he was the illegitimate son of her oldest child John Skelton but he is proving a little dificult to trace in the area. Hope that it is of some use to someone else and any comments would be appreciated sarah skelton will.pdf
  6. Horse and Jockey, Sheaf Street

    Excellent guys as ever, thank you
  7. Not having much luck with the site search engine for some reason, brings up "0" results for anything I try, must be doing something wrong. Anyway I will ask the question does anyone have any information regarding the Horse and Jockey on Sheaf Street circa 1861 with a landlord by the name of Thomas Vickers
  8. Translation required if posible

    Thanks Edmund You are indeed the font of all knowledge (lol). At least I got another 170 years further back with that particular line, hit the proverbial brick wall with my own name in Handsworth in the 1790's Thanks again for your help
  9. Hi all I could do with a little help from your learned people translating this bit of a 1603 parish record. I have enough trouble with joined up writing but when its in latin I am totally lost. I can make out the "Elizabeth Proudlove " and i think the last bit is January but what does the rest mean? I am hoping it will give details as to whether it was the wife or daughter of George Proudlove if not its back to the drawing board Thanks
  10. Sheffielder "lost At Sea?"

    Hi Not many of the letters actualy contain the year included with the date those that do are the early ones so did a bit of detective work . One letter is signed "Uncle" The obvious says it sent to one of his younger brothers children. It is a reply to a letter he recieved on his arrival at Baltamore USA so his nephews I am guessing must have been older than infants ,which would date it much later than his letters from his early voyages. The letter was sent from "Barque Sunlight" which according to records was built in 1907. The letter is dated 13 sept and he writes that "we are loading today and we shall be ready for sea on Sunday" This is a complete guess but I would think that would make it the latter part of the week, 1911 Weds, 1912 Thurs 1913 Friday. The ship was bound for Newcastle, He was leaving it there and going to Liverpool to take another ship. All the other letters we have are from the Americas/west Indies Thanks
  11. My Great Uncle, (James)Herbert Skelton was born in 1858 in Hansworth the eldest son of a farmer and publican James Skelton who I have mentioned on previous posts, At the tender age of 14 facing a future in the fields or the mines he left his home in inland Yorkshire for a life on the ocean waves, taking the train to Liverpool before getting his first job on a ship bound for America My Father in the early 1930’s, against his families wishes, would repeat his uncle’s journey, tempted I would think by the stories told to him as a child. We have unearthed a number of letters sent home by Herbert to his family including the one attached which describes the poor inexperienced young lads problems on his return to England on xmas eve 1874. We know Herbert stayed at sea for many years, He was at one time on the “Barque Sunlight” that was torpedoed in 1915 but he was not part of the crew nor is he mentioned on any “Port Sunlight” memorials. And that is the problem much as I have been fascinated by his adventures described in his letters, he disappears from all records, there was a suggestion he was “lost at sea” but I can find no record of that, nor any marriage or death. I was hoping someone on here would be able to suggest where to look next. It would be nice to think he settled on some far off shore, His brother emigrated to Onterio, Canada in 1912 one of Herbert’s regular ports of call but I can find no record of him there either. I would like to put an end to Herbert’s story any help or advice would be appreciated Herbert letter front BW.bmp Herbert letter (A) page2&3 BW.bmp Herbert letter (A) back page BW.bmp
  12. damned civil war.... checking my records Nicolas gets married again in handsworth in 1613 but there is still a big gap with the Skelton's until James birth in 1779 his marriage 1811 and the baptism of his children starting in 1813 and the new addditions of a John and Mary in the records. The civil war didn't last thet long when did records restart or do i need to look elsewhere? to link the periods
  13. Ok where I am so far James Skelton who died in Dec 1873 Was my Gt Gt Grandfather he ran the Woodthorpe Arms and a Farm with his wife Eliza. (She re-married a John Cook but is burried with James at Gleadless) and have a considerable amount of info on him. His father was also James born in 1781 Married to Sarah (Booker) The had, as far as I have researched six surviving children : John SKELTON Hollins End Elizabeth SKELTON Hollins End Ellen SKELTON Hollins End Hannah SKELTON Hollins End James SKELTON Hollins End Sophia SKELTON Hollins End James Snr is where my search has slowed The nearest christening in Handsworth is: SKELTON James John 26/12/1779 Weaver Commonside James record shows no mother but I am assuming that these two are one and the same SKELTON William John Mary 16/04/1784 Weaver Commonside There are a few older Chistenings in Handsworth SKELTON Charles John Esther 24/06/1792 29/05/1792 Commonside SKELTON Joseph John 13/06/1773 Woodthorpe Common SKELTON Elizabeth Nicholas 01/05/1614 Nicholas wife Elizabeth burial is recorded in 1612 so he must have remarried but unless he had other children his Skelton line would have ended. With the name showing up only a few times in Harrisons survey I was hoping to find a link between them in the area. Would the Sheffield Park come under a different parish or are there any other very local parishes that I need to search?
  14. Sorry History Dude in my confusion I forgot to thank you for the information......Thanks
  15. now I am confused I have a James(born 1781) who's Father I think was a John Skelton In the awards I see a James Skelton who was a proprietor with a tennant named John Skelton And a proprietor named John Skelton who was also a tennant on the same land 20 years later a James Skelton (who would have been about 50 at the time if he is mine)leaves a farm in Charnock Hall area selling his goods. Do any of the above awards tie in with the Charnock Hall area? Beginning to wish i'd stopped at me mam born in 1918 and still going strong lol