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  1. Thank you for sharing that info, much appreciated! :)
  2. Thank you for the improved image. Yes, Sarah Jane was my great grandmother on my dad's side of the family and was a grand old lady, full of life, despite her tragedies, but that was quite normal for their generation as I don't think a single family escaped the loss of the war. One of her daughters married an American GI after the first world war and went to live in America and like her sister (my grandmother) named one of her sons after their brother Frank Barnsley. This son joined the U S Army Air Corps 14 days after Pearl Harbour and trained to be a fighter pilot and was tragically killed at the age of 21, just like his namesake was.
  3. Wow, I can't tell you all how much this means to my family, not only was his brother dead in Belgium but another brother was killed in France in 1917. A tragedy for my great Granmother and we have no phot'os of any of them, except my great Gran who lived to be be over 100 and had an article done on her as she lost 3 sons to the Great War and got a telegram from the Queen. Thank you again for finding all this info for me, it is really appreciated.
  4. Hi Rebecca, good luck with your search, I found the Commonwealth War Graves info very good and that is how I found all my 3 great Uncles. I am researching the Barnsleys but please let me know if you find any additional info on them. I have all their service records now and I know how 2 of them died but just trying to find out about the youngest Frank, as he is my dad's namesake and was only 21 when he died on the 1st of July 1916 and has no known grave but is commemorated on the great wall at Thiepval.
  5. I'm sorry I can't help you with your request but I perhaps have one for you. In these articles is there any mention of a Lance Corporal Frank Barnsley? He was my great Uncle and was serving with the pals when killed on the 1st of July 1916. He was never found but is commemorated at Thiepval and I was just wondering on the million to one chance that he was maybe mentioned somewhere? Thank you!
  6. I have emailed Trefcon but had no reply so I hope he got my email? Thanks.
  7. I used to be a barmaid in Sinatras as I knew the owner and his girlfriend Jean. It was a great place and it used to get packed on Fri and Sat night. I remember helping to get it open, all the clean up and wet paint just an hour before the doors opened. Great times. Used to work the bottom bar and get drenched in beer as we used to have to change the barrels under the bar as there wasn't a cellar and the barrels were changed at an amazing rate and I remember the bar being 10 deep all night long! Totally exhausting but real fun. I remember Aileen, she was amazing and we all thought she was really old because she was 38!! but she looked really good and was a really nice gal!
  8. LeonR2Z post number 28.........I think I was that girl!!! I used to go to Josephines every Saturday night, sometimes Thursdays and Friday too. One night Alex Higgins and his entourage were in there and he walked past me and clicked his fingers at me and then gestured me to follow him, I just stood there and said no thank you, I knew who he was but thought he was an ugly little wimp! He did not take too kindly to my refusal and started the "do you know who I am " thing at me. I was really embarrassed and thought he was a complete jerk, could never see him on TV without shuddering and thinking Yuk what a creep he was! All the Sheffield Wednesday footballers used to go in there all the time, I went out with one of them and I remember what a nice guy Ozzie Ardiles was and what a total jerk Lee Chapman was!! Good times and a great club.
  9. Thank you so much, that is very kind of you! We have no family photo's and until I started my research, all we ever knew was that Grandma lost some brothers in the Great War! I have since found all 3 and where they are buried or commemorated and we plan a Spring visit to see them. Once again, thank you so much!
  10. Hi, just joined and not very good on the technicalities, but I was browsing thru and saw that a "Deansgirl" had a list of men that she had images for and my great Uncle is on that list! Please help, as I would love to have a pic of him and I don't know how to contact Deansgirl, so if any of you out there could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you!