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  1. Gosh, thank you so much, saw119! You're a miracle worker! I'm so grateful for your info! I shall further my research. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks so much saw119 and dunsbyowl1867! You've both helped confirm my suspicions there, that it's a generation earlier than the Great Uncle I'm researching. Lovely to see your great grandfather there, Dunsby, thanks for the photo! I've found the original scan, before I cleaned up the photo, saw119. I wondered if the insignia might be York and Lancs, which is why I initially linked it to my Great Uncle, but it's so hard to tell, even in the original hi-res scan. Here's a web friendly version for you! It says "Sanderson Bros" and "Richmond, Yorks."
  3. Hello there, My Great Uncle (John) Thomas Howden, who lived in Attercliffe, was killed at the Somme in 1916. He was in the 10th York and Lancs. I found his enlistment papers on Ancestry last year, but this detail has been bothering me ever since and I was wondering if greater minds than mine could shed any light on it! His date of death is generally listed as 3rd July 1916 on various documents, but on these papers it gives the date as "1.7.16 + 3.7.16" and then "1-3.7.1916". I'm just curious as to why they'd list a period of days? Was this a common thing? Would it be due to the chaos during the first few days at the Somme, that they just assumed he went missing at some point during those three days? Or could two witnesses have accounted for his death, one of them wrongly? Many thanks if anyone can offer any advice. I've included a scan of the document (which also seems to list rather a lot of docking of pay for "absence" - would this be due to illness or would he have been allowed home to visit relatives whilst still in training?) I'm also wondering if anyone could help me date this photo. It's obviously another Howden, as I can recognse my maternal grandfather's features. We don't have many photos from that side of the family, so this one must be quite special. At first I thought it might be Thomas, but when I researched the uniform I was inclined to think it was 1890s-1910, which would exclude him and point to his father perhaps, although I don't know of any other family members being servicemen. Do you think I'm correct with the dating? Any advice would be much appreciated! Many, many thanks.
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for relatives of the Howdens, living at 97 Old Hall Road in 1911 and 33 Coleridge Road in 1915. John Thomas and Eliza and their children Arthur, Edith, Thomas, John, Mary Ellen, Stan, Harry and William/Bill. (I'm Bill's granddaughter). Also relatives of Clara Reynolds, born in 1900 and listed as living at 168 Carbrook St in Attercliffe on the 1901 and 1911 census. Unsure what happened to her after that, if she didn't marry then I believe she may have died in 1979, but that's just guesswork! I have a subscription to Ancestry, so I've seen the census results and military records, but I'd love to know if anyone has any other info, letters, postcards or photos, especially concerning WWI. Wondering if we can pool our resources. :-)
  5. Hello goldilocks. I recently joined for the exact same reason. Although I sent a DM to Trefcon, as unfortunately my great uncle couldn't be found on the date he'd listed. You aren't researching the Howdens are you? Because I think my grandfather might have also lost three brothers! Although I'm not 100% sure of the third. An odd coincidence! If I get the correct date I'll be visiting local studies again soon, so I could also find your great uncle if you'd like? Would I be better emailing also, RichardB? I'd hate to hassle Trefcon by contacting him twice over the same thing! Although the kind ladies in local studies seemed to think he wouldn't mind me asking about the missing photo. I know he's very busy. :-(