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  1. Thank you for that,I tend to paint stories rather than accurate representations which I can understand is not to everyone's taste.A friend suggested this site as at the recent "art in the gardens" it got people talking about favorite films, the sat am club, meeting their spouses etc.All the comments are correct of course and I could probably bore everyone explaining the reasons which is why I thought a quick exit would be preferable.Having said that it really is a great site for Sheffield. PS do you know anyone with any photos of Redgates? It's just been suggested as a backdrop for my next work.
  2. and long may you continue,I applaud any site that promotes Sheffield in a positive way,I should have posted this is not the right site for my artwork.
  3. Just finished this painting of the old ABC cinema Sheffield and showed it at the recent Art in the Gardens 2012.I hope it brings back some great memories. http://www.steelcitygallery.co.uk/abc-cinema-sheffield-heat-of-the-night.html