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  1. The old C and A as well as the Burtons store were both casualties of the 1940 Blitz...Note the two postman walking toward the General Post Office. and the substantial tram stop built on similar lines to the one outside the Peace Gardens. Fitzalan Square looked a much more impressive site than it does today...even with its 4 soon to be removed trees.
  2. Spanish Steel Works on Pinfold Lane in Sheffield

    The Toledo connection is interesting especially as we had local companies called...Andrews-Toledo and Toledo-Woodhead, The latter manufacturing springs.
  3. Like johnm I originate from Firth Park and, like him, enjoyed the swings in the play area ...which I remember being introduced when it was revamped in the late 1940/early 1950s. I also enjoyed the "Duck Pond" and well remember the fountain, introduced at the time it was cleaned up. Pity the poor young sailor whose model yacht got entangled in its spray...it was a long wait 'till they switched it off. I used all three of our local parks, Firth, Longley and Concord and the big difference is the lack of Park keepers, the increase in mindless vandalism and the absence of the beautifully tended flower beds ...
  4. Spanish Steel Works on Pinfold Lane in Sheffield

    I wonder from where the works got their name... Were they owned by a Spanish company? Were they named after a companies major market? Must say, I have never come across them before. I am intrigued.
  5. Perhaps it's hey day was immediately after the line to Manchester had been electrified, giving us the benefit of clean, efficient and reliable engineering and went via the new twin bore tunnel at Woodhead whilst the full range of LNER services, including that to London St. Marylebone, were still operating
  6. Hofbrauhaus in Sheffield city centre

    In the early 1980's you also got a stripper performing as well in the lunchtime drinking session...Just the thing to get you back to the tedium of the office.
  7. Old Sheffield dishes

    Well fried potato cakes made up from Sunday's leftover mashed spuds with lots of salt and vinegar.... Sometimes with the addition of yesterdays boiled cabbage... but I was never keen on the green stuff. We must have been "rich" but we never had offal although black pudding was always enjoyed and my Mum also did "soused" herrings...although as she came from Grimsby I am not sure if it was a dish local to Sheffield or not. During, and just after, WW2 we always enjoyed Mock Salmon...which I think was taken from one of Wilton's wartime recipes.
  8. Norton Aerodrome

    RAF Norton was an active base during WW2. and for some years after .It was the HQ for Number 16 balloon centre responsible for 72 balloons around the Sheffield Gun Defended Area and was the first unit to have all female crews.
  9. Hendersons Relish

    I help run a lunch club for us twirlies and we occasionally buy large 5 Litre containers of Henderson's to fill up our containers...works out much cheaper and Hendo's seems to last forever. A friend liberally splashes it on her "corned dog" sandwiches.
  10. Ukelele Lady...The Chinese Restaurant was called the "No.1 Buffet"
  11. The building in question was certainly the East Midlands Gas Board offices when I was a kid... If it wasn't, someone took our family's gas money and sold us a gas cooker under false pretences.
  12. I never realised that dates could be ascertained from a number plate as early as the 1950.s. I thought that wasn't possible until 1963. You learn something new every day
  13. And some ( Glenn Gregory) helped form Heaven 17 after something of a dispute over a contract.
  14. Dyson Factory in Sheffield?

    They mainly manufactured furnace refractories from the local clay...it all went down hill for them and a few other local companies when the steel industry was decimated
  15. Suffrage

    A few weeks ago there was a small debate on here about the same issue.