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  1. Another remarkable Sheffield house

    That's an argument that could fly in the face of progress. Progress in this case being a 21st century road... fit for purpose' . Sheffield has very many listed buildings and even more for which application for listing has been made but , for one reason, or another rejected. The Council gets blame for too much for which it is not entirely responsible...but it does deserve some brick bats for its past "Philistinism"!
  2. The number 52 to Crookes

    Not being a bus "buff" it could well have been the 51 route...whatever, I was told it was a severe test of a bus.
  3. Beagling

    I fear we are getting our Halifax's confused.There exist many photos of Lord Halifax ( the Foreign Secretary and Ambassador and latterly 1st Earl of Halifax) on the internet and they all show a beardless man. He died aged 78 in 1959. The photo you have is of Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax...a very bearded , and in 1930a very old man who was President of the English Church Union. He died in 1934 aged 95.
  4. Beagling

    The noble Lord was beardless !
  5. The 'Steelworker' mural

    Sorry ,Shef, I disagree with you. No one regards the work that our women did through two world wars more than I. In fact I have written about them in a published history. I am not sure what the "inconvenient truths" are especially to a generation whose Mums were the very same working women who also coped with food and clothing rationing, kept a home, kept their kids fed, worried about their husbands many of whom were fighting abroad and in my case very thankful to "Granny" That's not to say that some public ,visible memorial to the thousands of men who also contributed to the Home Guard, Fire Watching isn't required.
  6. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Athy, pubs still closed at 10 pm even on a Saturday night. This was relaxed in the late 1960's to 10.30pm to bring it into line with Rotherham in an attempt to stop the mad rush into Rotherham for an extra half hours drinking. The 1980's saw the hour relaxed to allow for drinking from 11.00 to 23.00.
  7. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    When I started drinking beer Pubs last orders were 10 pm.... with 10 minutes drinking up time...and PC Plod made a show of policing these hours. There were no night clubs either and we all had jobs to go to with starting time, for some. at 6.00 am!
  8. Beagling

    Lord Halifax, a leading Conservative, was Foreign Secretary at the outbreak of WW2. On Chamberlain's resignation he was offered the job of PM but declined. After furious rows with WSC in the War Cabinet it was feared he was secretly attempting to negotiate peace terms with Hitler... via Mussolini . In late 1940 he was moved to our Embassy in Washington where he became Ambassador. The Halifax's disposed of the Hall's contents in 1947 and for a period the Hall was leased by a girl's school. Later ( and for almost 50 years) it was a Sue Ryder Home where, initially a few infirm survivors of the Holocaust made their home.
  9. Beagling

    I would have thought 1930's and Wentworth Woodhouse would seem a possibility.
  10. Fargate postcard

    That style of coach was introduced as early as 1951.
  11. Beagling

    Interesting photos....Isn't the first one taken outside The Strines?
  12. Fargate postcard

    Yes, from the vehicles and with many women wearing hats I would agree that the photo dates back to the mid 50's. The immaculate flower bed pre-dates the building of the Goodwin fountain in 1961.
  13. How much of this is left?

    My Grandfather was an engine driver with the GCR. He was transferred in 1917 from Immingham to Neepsend, Sheffield where he and his young family lived for a time at Parkwood Springs. My mother never spoke fondly about the area!
  14. Gloops Cot Fund

    "Gloops" was the cartoon cat appearing nightly in the Star. Membership of the Gloops Club came with a small round badge, proudly worn by thousands of Sheffield children. I too was a member in the 1940/50's but remember nothing of the Cot Fund or if it was still in existence( but a child would hardly remember) nor any events.
  15. Bahrein was a British Protectorate with a population in 1918 of far less than 1 million...hardly fertile ground for recruitment. However, post WW2 Sheffield did have a number of steelworkers from Aden and the Yemen.