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  1. It would make a wonderful library as well! It was my first library, I joined from Hucklow Road School back in 1949 and used it until the 1980s. I remember in 1946/47 going with my mother to look ,on a daily basis, at the notice boards outside the library where shipping lists were displayed. All adverts in the newspapers were redacted just leaving a few articles and the names of the vessels, the date and at which port they were due to dock...Dad was coming home to be demobbed after RAF service in the Middle east and she wanted to know when his ship was due home.
  2. lysander

    Gravestones used as pavements

    The other day the Star had a letter from the Cathedral which stated that they did their best to record the details where possible.
  3. lysander


    My wife spent much time in Kent and she has a few expressions:_..."as much use as a chocolate fireguard......" you have as much chance as plaiting fog". ""couldn't hit a barn door with a snow plough".
  4. lysander


    I'll go to top o r ar stairs.
  5. lysander


    According to Wiki the term originates from a prank when an apprentice would be asked to fetch some "elbow grease"...very similar to being asked to fetch some "sky hooks" ( popular in the 1950's)
  6. lysander

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    I wonder why its name was changed from the Minerva and when?
  7. Do they park bikes by the side of the road like that anymore?
  8. lysander

    Channing Hall, Surrey Street

    It was regularly used by street questionnaire/public opinion survey merchants. I went in with the promise of sampling a new beverage. It was bl**dy awful and I never , ever saw it being sold in shops.
  9. lysander


    Henry was being almost "kind " to Anne. English axe executioners were renowned for being butchers by comparison with their sword wielding French counterparts.!
  10. I didn't live in Ecclesfield but the Griffin was a regular port of call on a Sunday night's drinking session.
  11. lysander


    I seem to recall coming across a rather old and rather large "tome" in the Central Library which gave explanations for sayings and slang. It's so long ago I wouldn't hazard a guess at it's name...but I do recall all sayings have a reason.
  12. lysander

    Outlander series

    My wife isn't a member but try writing something about Outlander and let's see how it works out...but I wonder how many other members would find the topic of interest.? PS A private message wouldn't involve either yours or my wife's e-mail address!
  13. lysander

    Page Hall Mission school

    May I ask what the records were?
  14. lysander

    Spital Hill in 1970

    Wasn't The Coliseum demolished to make way for a filling station?
  15. lysander

    Construction of The Hole In The Road, Sheffield

    That's when Sheffield really was the "City on the Move"!