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  1. lysander

    Self employed in the sixties?

    Perhaps the best way, initially, would be to use the personal messages on this site.
  2. lysander

    How far back do you go?

    I have traced as far back as my g/g/g/g/g/etc etc grandad in Totley...1626.
  3. I think the record shop on Bellhouse Road was Snelsons. As a pupil at FPGS in the late 50s the shop saw the "attention" of some pupils who did a bit of shop lifting. As some of us were doing our GCE trials the young lady shop assistant was paraded around the hall where she, apparantly, identified several of the culprits....who were subsequently expelled, Happy days!
  4. Harry Brearley in his memoirs talks of starting work at a crucible furnace an early age and my own father-in-law always maintained he was was engaged at Vickers at the age of 12,
  5. There was a Bunney's at Firth Park Terminus in the 1950's on Stubbin Lane. I recall they were a source of cheap clothing...but almost adjacent there was an electrical store...the name of which eludes me.
  6. lysander

    New series of Doctor Who to be filmed here

    Was the police box at the corner of Surrey Street considered as the Tardis I wonder?
  7. My Dad always told me about another elephant in war work..."Jessop's elephant" which was responsible for the exclamation..." He/she is as big as Jessop's elephant!
  8. lysander

    Self employed in the sixties?

    I set up on my own...but in the early 70s. Entrepreneurship was alive and well in those days and money was to be made...especially if your company managed to be placed on the stock exchange and, effectively bought out! The grim, rainy Monday morning syndrome....when the phone didn't ring was the worst part of going on your own. Your company was as good as its last sale and sales were the lifeblood of any commercial organisation. Your biggest friend ( and potential enemy) were the banks!
  9. Possibly ,because the option was to convert the line to 25 kva...at a considerable cost...and, politically, the rump of the GCR line ...was out of favour...as indeed were railways in general.
  10. The closure of the line, according to information I received several years ago, was on account of the need to begin replacing the locos and infrastructure to a system which was non-standard. The line was also no longer really connected to the rest of the national system following Beeching's closure of passenger services and freight demand was rapidly diminishing. Back to topic I was amazed at Goathland tunnel...illuminated and with a stunning echo!!!!
  11. lysander

    Heart of the City 2

    People no longer visit town to shop for all manner of reasons...car parking, internet shopping, Meadowhell... to mention a few. Supertram serves only a relatively small part of our conurbation and to blame the rail replacement scheme for the ills of the retail world is a bit far fetched. What does seem strange is the need to close fairly large parts of the system down when, in the past, with a much larger system this seldom happened..... repairs seem to have been done at night and in smaller sections.
  12. lysander

    Does anybody recognise this Sheffield scene?

    Is that the bombed and burnt out Burtons building at the top right hand side?
  13. lysander

    A very familiar scene from Sheffield's history

    Having lived in Ontario,for a while, I would question that assertion". What they do have, in abundance, are power cables, as well as phone lines on wooden poles strung alongside many streets and roads.... and a collision with one of them would certainly cause a bit of a stir. However, many traffic lights are strung across junctions thus reducing the need for so many posts.
  14. lysander

    Sheffield Castle Excavations - Week 2

    H. D. Have you ever been on a "dig"? They are, in general, time consuming and painstaking ( unlike TV'sTime Team who are on a "supposed" time limit) in an endeavour to provide irrefutable evidence. Finding big "lumps" might be exciting for some, but smaller artefacts are just as important. Doubtless, when the dig is completed an analysis of what has been found will be released. Until then, be prepared to be bored!
  15. lysander


    I remember when slot machines, slowly, began to be re-introduced after the War. Before then , empty rusty and abandoned machines could be seen on walls scattered around the city, Amongst an assortment of goods on offer I especially remember...chewing gum, bubble gum, penny chews, Rolos and, of course cigarettes.....from which we under age smokers obtained our supplies. They became a casualty of the anti-smoking lobby and withdrawn before the others as a measure to make smoking anti-social.