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  1. Wharncliffe Fireclay Works

    To my shame I have to admit never having seen the place. I must get out more!
  2. Made in Sheffield

    I have a feeling that they may have something to do with the Pub trade
  3. What Toys Did You Buy From Redgates ?

    Indeed. I started making plastic kits ... Airfix Spitfire in a plastic bag bought from Woolies( only place that seemed to sell the original model range) in the 1950's and, sad to say, I still assemble the odd one nowadays. I suppose over the years I must have spent a small fortune on them but always found them therapeutic
  4. I think we should have a memorial for the forgotten "Men of Steel" who also( in far greater numbers) worked long hours ,under difficult conditions, and did , amongst others,fire watching and Home Guard duties in their "out of work" time. They had family duties as well.
  5. Sheffield's West Street has changed soooo much

    Central Technical School was also in the immediate area, They have an active Old Boys Association ( Stuart Green is the leading light) and he may be able to help.
  6. Hand-me-Downs & Cut and Make New

    I have to confess that knitting and sewing are beyond my capabilities...although I can cook! I went to an all boys school and that's my excuse ( I also come from a long line of males with minimal interests in such things. My son, however, has broken the tradition being very adept at domestic matters) My Mum "made do and mended"...making many of her own clothes( and some of mine) she was also, seemingly, welded to a pair of knitting needles...She would be appalled at our throw away society.
  7. The Saints Club, Bellhouse road, Shiregreen, Sheff 5....started by a "with it" Rev in St. Christopher's Church Hall. It had a few top stars appearing in its heyday ( 1960's)
  8. Park House in Sheffield

    I wonder where the short lived Park House school at Tinsley got its name?
  9. company in Attercliffe

    They moved, latterly, to old railway premises at Beighton.
  10. The Raincoat Shop

    I was bought several " Mackintosh gabardines" in the 1940/50's from the Macshop...at a time when long wearing and uniformity of dress was such a feature of life.
  11. Did we have "listed" status back then? If so, could it have been listed or, perhaps, kept by the City planners as a reminder of times past in the post War programme of redevelopment?
  12. Is this Sheffield High Street?

    Wasn't the Old No. 12 on Exchange Street near the old Rotherham bus terminus?
  13. Express Dairy Milk Floats - Remember These ?

    As a kid we lived in CoOp land and I never remember ever seeing anything other than a Brightside and Carbrook milk float ( apart from Mr Cutts, who in the late 1940's still delivered milk from a milk churn by pony and dray. ( I wonder whether it was unpasteurised?)
  14. whit sunday customs in Sheffield

    Harold Wilson's messing around with the calendar with his introduction of May Day and Spring Bank Holiday had much to do with the rapid demise of Whitsuntide as a popular holiday with its Star walk, Whit processions and new clothes ( mine were usually bought for me from the Co Op in town)
  15. Meadowhall was a place well before East Hecla came on the scene. Howells Tubes, Yorkshire Engine and a few others were based there....Meadowhall doubtless had a nicer "ring" than "Tinsley" for the marketing men