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  1. Bob, I lost track of your email address. Send your current contacts to me on the same email address (@aim). 

    One additional friend now lost since we were last in touch; Tim Pryor died in 2016.


  2. Great to see the station building still in use. I wonder what it is like inside? Is it residential or industrial?
  3. I was at Rowlinson from 1960 to 1967 in Chantrey. I have all the Compass magazines for the years I was there. Certainly, Rowlinson was a great school that had a very significant effect on my life. What marked it was the ability to do both academic and practical subjects. While I ended up being a teacher of chemistry at an American University, I have been forever grateful for the practical experience I had in woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing, art, all of which have helped me no end in my professional career and private life. The teachers were all excellent in my recollection, and many of them have been mentioned by others above. I still keep strong contact with one of my contemporaries, Steve Tighe, who ended up in Vancouver, and have come across others over the years. Sadly a couple of my friends from those days are now passed on. I remember I started a model railway club while I was in the sixth form, and gathered a large number of younger boys around me to build a layout. I think we built the baseboards, but I have no idea what happened after I left. I enjoyed and learned a great deal by singing in the school choir, cross-country running, photography, and a trip to Belgium. Of all my classes, I remember Physics being amongst the best taught, with careful demonstrations by the teacher of all the experiments that we were to do. Those demonstrations helped considerably in our understanding of the experiments before we actually did them. Robert G. Michel
  4. I lived on Bower Road in the 1950s, just below commonside. That old bank building, with a tram topping the hill, is the subject of a print I have on my wall now!
  5. Is there a good site for old Rowlies now? There was one that someone started around 2005 I believe, but it seems to have gone inactive. I was there from 1960-1967. I am in contact with one or two friends from those years, but not many more.