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  1. Hi Billyblade. Are you A Sheff. Utd fan? I'm a Blade living in Shiregreen. Good luck to the lads this season.

  2. OOPS! Can someone move this post to a relevant position, Don't know why its ended up here! Red-faced Billyblade.
  3. One for the Heeley crowd here. Can't believe no one has started a topic about Taggys Ice cream. I remember the parents liked it more than the kids, cue memories of people queueing at the vans with Pyrex dishes, Saucepans etc. to have filled up from the van so they could put it in the freezer.This got them their "fix" until the van came round again.(Was this the secret?, addictive euphoric ingredients?). 7.20 pm on a Friday on our road (Anns Road North). I remember it being a strange sort of translucent colour rather than pure white. Anybody got the recipe so I can stop the shakes Billyblade.
  4. This was called The Friery. Top Fish and Chip shop. It spawned a song at some Sheffield United away matches in the 80's. One man:-"everywhere we go" Crowd:-"everywhere we go" OM:-"People wanna know" Crowd:-"People wanna know" OM:-"Where we get our chips from" Crowd:-"Where we get our chips from" OM:-"Shall we tell 'em?" Crowd:-"Shall we tell 'em?" OM:-"where we get our chips from" Crowd:-"Where we get our chips from" All:-"Friery,Friery,Friery!!!!" Remember walking on the Pond Street chip carpet!!! Billyblade.
  5. I remember going in here before a School disco at "The locarno"in about 1986.I was very small when I was at school so consequently could not get served although everybody else did.As I settled down with my Britvic and Lemonade the pub got raided and all the underage drinkers got carted off!!!!! I just sat there sipping away!!!!!!
  6. That would be brilliant if Roxys were to reopen.It would make a fantastic live music venue. Used to love Roxys.It was the place where we always said at the beginning of the night we were not going to go, but always ended up going anyway!! Used to go with all the lads I went to Loxley/Stannington college with studying engineering round about 1994.We'd have a class night out round about once every two months. Also remember going on a few occasions 1989/1990 when Latino house music was all the rage! Anyone could get in Roxys,they used to drag you in as you walked past!
  7. Anybody know who this character was? Used to see him in town all the time between 1993 and 1996 drinking halves and when he danced, Boy!
  8. We used to go in Silks on a Friday night between 1994 and 1996.At any one time there could have been about 20 of us.Had a great time.Remember the madness that used to occur on the dance floor when House of Pain - Jump around came on !!! Remember the cheap Fosters Ice, then into Cairos after.
  9. Used to love this place on a Sunday night, used to get all the same crowd in every week.I went in with my drinking buddies between 1994 and 1996. Went in Berlins first for some cheap Lamot(Bleurgh!) and then into Gossips about 10 pm to ensure getting in before they locked the doors. Happy times.Remember at first there used to be Karaoke on in there.Met my wife in there.Just got married after 11 and a half years together!!! Songs from the time:- "Warren G and Nate Dogg - Regulate" "Shine - Aswad" "No-no-no - Dawn Penn" "Supersonic - Oasis" Anybody any other memories?