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  1. Taking your advice that William may have been with the 11th Service Battalion I have downloaded a war diary which covers that battalion and the period he was there. It doesn't mention ranks by name other than officers so far but is interesting.
  2. I have yes, I can't imagine what that must have been like for the tunnellers
  3. Thanks so much for your help. William had been a pit pony boy and then a miner, I wonder if he was involved in the tunnelling? I will read up on battalions, divisions and brigades as I'm not sure how they fit together. Its given me something to go on, thanks for taking the time to help. Liz
  4. I have another question and wondered if someone could point me in the right direction? I now have some information from William's medal card and Silver War Badge card which I've written below. I'd really like to find out more infromation about his injuries, what happened and when, which battle for example. I'm not sure if this info would exist anywhere but would be very grateful for any pointers. William Alfred Cross Private - West Yorks Regiment Regimental number : 12818 Enlisted 5/9/14 Discharged : 23/10/16 (wounds 392 XV1) Date of entry to theatre of war : 26/8/15 Thanks Liz
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone could help? I know Trefcon is on a break but noticed my granfather's name in the WW1 images list and wondered if anyone else has the same info? My grandfather died before I was born and was ill for many years due to being shot in the head during the war. The story goes that the soldier who rescued him from a shell-hole received a medal for bravery. My mum has no pictures if her father from this period and it would mean such a lot to her. His name was William Alfred Cross Many thanks Liz