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  1. Does anyone know if this place is open? It's still standing and appears the same externally as it does on google street view. The signs are still up and the metal bars on the window- Has anybody been in recently?
  2. Nice roof on this one- not the usual 'orrible flat roof job of other estate pubs
  3. I was thinking about this the other day- would this be possible where forum members can add to the map etc by making it a public map? It'd be great to see them all plotted on a current map!
  4. When did this place get knocked down? I seem to remember it still been up around 2002/2003
  5. Great name- what stands there now?
  6. When did the knock the old one down and replace with the new one? Same time they built the estate??
  7. The site is clear......you can still tell it was a cinema though with the sloped floor etc....the co-op is next door. I saw Return of the Jedi there not long before it shut down....Indiana Jones and the temple of doom too, I think...
  8. When did this place bite the dust? I never managed to visit it...I am attempting to visit every pub/bar in Sheff and my sidekick went in this one about ten years ago