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  1. does anyone know who the admins are? This needs sorting or all the info will not be easily accessible :o(
  2. How do we fix this? I can see one page but when you try and flick through them they are all blank!!
  3. Does anyone know what year the pig & whistle shut? i suspect it was late 1980s as I seem to remember that there was a GT Sports (?) shop there for a few years in the late 80s/90s
  4. Hi- I am researching a book on Sheffield pubs post 1951- and I am looking for stories/ pictures/ info and I wondered if I could use this pic? I will provide a full picture credit if I use one of your original pictures in my publication. You can pm me or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com . Thanks in advance Jamie
  5. Hello all! I am writing a book on Sheffield pubs and I am looking for info/ pictures/ stories on the 4 pubs at Hyde Park- The Target The Crows Nest The Samuel Plimsoll Earl Francis Please pm or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com if you can help!
  6. Does anyone know which pub/ club was used for the interior shots of this film?
  7. Would you be happy for me to use this picture and the story behind it in a book I am working on about Sheffield pubs? Jamie sheffieldpubs@outlook.com
  8. Hi Ukulele lady- is there anything you can tell me about this pub? I understand it shut c1974? I'd love to hear any memories you may have of it that I could include in my book? pm or email me sheffieldpubs@outlook.com
  9. Hi Syrup- do you have any pictures from your time working there? I am writing a book on Sheffield pubs and I would love to see them. Jamie sheffieldpubs@outlook.com
  10. Does anyone know anything about the history of The Boomerang? I suspect it was probably built in the 1960s and it shut around 2001. It interests me as I used to work around there and the signs for the pub are still there 15 years later!
  11. Hi Vox Would be happy for me to use this picture in my pub project/ book? I can PM you with more details but I have made a number of posts on here on similar subjects. You can also contact me by email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com cheers Jamie
  12. Hi- Have we got any confirmation this shut in '92 I have seen other references to it closing in 1974 which would make more sense...?
  13. I've heard a story about Fred Truman crashing his car in to this pub in 1960. I expect that it had shut as pub by then but it made a good story for the press?! Anyone know anything about this?
  14. Do we know this shut in '51 or are we going on the standard cut off?
  15. flyingpig- I am writing a book aboutt Sheffield pubs and i would love to use your pics- please pm or email me- sheffieldpubs@outlook.com I will give you a pic credit when i go to print
  16. I am working on a Sheffield pubs history project with the view of publishing as a book. I am looking for photos (internal/ external) and your stories/ memories of Sheffield pubs! I am on the Rony Robinson show on Radio Sheffield today from 11am talking about it- tune in! Feel free to pm me or e-mail sheffieldpubs@outlook.com Thanks Jamie
  17. I haven't heard of that thylacine. I assumed they were an 80s/90s phenomenon!
  18. Does anyone have any memories/ pics/ info to share on this place? I think it shut around 2007 and at some point in the 1990s it was used by David Bellamy on a TV show! It has now been demolished!
  19. Hi- I am researching a book on Sheffield pubs do you have any memories/ pictures you could share about this pub?
  20. Yup- real turnaround in the last few years. They have many events in the back room and good beer as well.