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  1. I understand the former pub under the 'Black Swan' is due to reopen at some point this year as a sports bar. Does anyone know if it opened when the Black Swan was built in the 60s or only opened in 1976 when I believe it became the Sam Smith's 'Old Brewery Tap'...if so what was the downstairs used for before this?
  2. theimposter1979

    The Stonehouse in Sheffield city centre

    I'm trying to find out about the history of the Stone House. I understand the 'themed' Stone House opened in 1971 with the earlier pub being around on the same site before that. Now this is the bit I'm not sure about- was the old pub heavily remodelled to incorporate/ extend the new pub with the famous cobble street scene etc or completely demolished and rebuilt? I know further changes came when Orchard Sq was built but I'm struggling to find any info about the earlier Stone House and what happened when the new themed one was opened. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi- Could I use your picture of the Old Bowling Green tiling in my upcoming book on Sheffield pubs? 

  4. As part of my research I thought it would be interesting to hear peoples memories of that glorious moment when you walk in a pub and get successfully order an alcoholic drink for the first time! In my case it was The Globe one month before my 16th birthday. It was also the only time I visited the pub when it was in its original 4 room configuration. I had a pint of Stones and it went down well!
  5. theimposter1979

    The Crown, Carlisle Road

    Hi Wednesday1991 were your mum and dads surname Davis? I have Kenneth Davis at the Lord Nelson from 1966. Did they move anywhere else after? Also if you have any other info or any pictures of their time running the Crown & Lord Nelson id love to see them. Pm me or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com . I assume they moved from the Crown when it shut down?
  6. theimposter1979

    The George & Dragon (Gaffey's) Broad Lane

    Cheers Mike. I'm making the assumption that the George & Dragon shut when the Strad opened as the council limited the number of licences it issued. It wasn't uncommon for more than 1 licence (usually a beer house licence to have to be given up when new premises were built) to have to given up so thats why I think the George & Dragon would have shut when the Strad opened. The Talbot, Highfield was also surrendered at the time and upon checking my records the first landlord at The Strad was William Pennington. It would be great if you do come across a picture as I have very little information on the George & Dragon... Thanks Jamie
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    Demolition of Sheffield

    Thanks Neddy- this is a cracking photo.
  8. theimposter1979

    Demolition of Sheffield

    Hi Neddy, If you could check or let me know who has the photos i'd love to see them/ potentially use them. My email is sheffieldpubs@outlook.com Cheers Jamie
  9. theimposter1979

    Demolition of Sheffield

    Neddy- is that the Oddfellows at Attercliffe? Would love to see the photos
  10. theimposter1979

    The George & Dragon (Gaffey's) Broad Lane

    Hi Mike, I am working on a book on Sheffield pubs and I don't have much info on this place other than the name of your relative Eileen Keaveny as the licence. I understand the licence was surrendered to build the new pub The Strad at the Stradbroke estate....which opened in Nov 1953. Do you have any pictures of Eileen from her time as landlady.
  11. theimposter1979

    The Crown, Carlisle Road

    I know a bit about this place. I believe the external wall/ entrance to the pub is still standing...
  12. theimposter1979

    The Crown, Carlisle Road

    Tina- Crown 1860-1970s Carlise Rd 41 Hope & Anchor Brewery Landlords include -1951 Alfred Luckman BO 1960s Ken & June 1960s Mr & Mrs Massey
  13. theimposter1979

    The Crown, Carlisle Road

    Tina I’d be interested to hear any info you have on pubs...sheffieldpubs@outlook.com
  14. theimposter1979

    Pubs In Grimesthorpe

    Hi- when was this? I have a Maureen Ulley as landlady in the 60s. Is this the same woman?
  15. theimposter1979

    Duncan Gilmour wine & spirit merchants

    Would love to see that
  16. theimposter1979

    Half Penny - Kelvin Flats

    This pub is a bit of mystery- no pics and hardly any anecdotes! I assume it was a two room pub with a central bar (same design as Park Hill?) Can anyone enlighten me
  17. I am seeking info on this place that was often thought to have the best view from a beer garden in Sheffield. I visited in 2005 and it is now a Chinese take away. Does anyone know the year it opened/ closed or have any memories/ pictures they could share as part of my Sheffield pubs project? I understand at some point in the 90's there was a landlord called Mick?! pm me or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com
  18. theimposter1979

    Barrow Boys, Shude Hill

    Hi, I am in the process of doing some pub research and for a relatively (albeit short- lived) pub/ bar this place seems to have very little information about it. I have found some info on Sheff Forum (http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=806830) and it would appear that 'it never took off' or/ because 'it was full of skinheads'. That said, I went in with my granddad one afternoon in the mid 80's when I was about 6/7 years old! Does anyone have any info or any pictures? The picture in the Leversidge book isn't great and I have never seen a picture of the interior...Any help appreciated!
  19. I am researching pubs in Sheffield that have closed and I wondered if anyone had any memories/ pictures they could share of this pub that shut around 1968? There are a couple of pictures on picture Sheffield but not much else Please feel free to share on here, pm me or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com Thanks Jamie
  20. theimposter1979

    Pubs T to Z - Keepers, Picture-links

    Richard- I found it...
  21. theimposter1979

    Pubs T to Z - Keepers, Picture-links

    Hi Richard- great pictures. Do you know if the people who provided these pictures are active on the forum? Im interested in using them... Cheers Jamie
  22. theimposter1979

    Landlord of Malin Bridge Inn

    Hi I am writing a book on Sheffield pubs pm or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com if you would be happy for me to use this pic? thanks Jamie
  23. Does anyone have any memories/ pics/ info to share on this place? I think it shut around 2007 and at some point in the 1990s it was used by David Bellamy on a TV show! It has now been demolished!
  24. theimposter1979

    Stafford Arms

    Hi Ray i am working on a book on Sheffield pubs is your Grandfathers business card for when he for was the landlord of this pub? I'd love to see it...