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  1. Pubs In Grimesthorpe

    Hi- when was this? I have a Maureen Ulley as landlady in the 60s. Is this the same woman?
  2. I thank you for your interest, I have only just seen your msg, I have arranged for someone to take photo's which I will post on here.

  3. Duncan Gilmour wine & spirit merchants

    Would love to see that
  4. Half Penny - Kelvin Flats

    This pub is a bit of mystery- no pics and hardly any anecdotes! I assume it was a two room pub with a central bar (same design as Park Hill?) Can anyone enlighten me
  5. Pubs T to Z - Keepers, Picture-links

    Richard- I found it...
  6. Pubs T to Z - Keepers, Picture-links

    Hi Richard- great pictures. Do you know if the people who provided these pictures are active on the forum? Im interested in using them... Cheers Jamie
  7. Landlord of Malin Bridge Inn

    Hi I am writing a book on Sheffield pubs pm or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com if you would be happy for me to use this pic? thanks Jamie
  8. Stafford Arms

    Hi Ray i am working on a book on Sheffield pubs is your Grandfathers business card for when he for was the landlord of this pub? I'd love to see it...
  9. Albion Hotel, Verdon St, Pitsmoor- closed c1968

    Cheers One eyed spy!
  10. Problems

    does anyone know who the admins are? This needs sorting or all the info will not be easily accessible :o(
  11. Problems

    How do we fix this? I can see one page but when you try and flick through them they are all blank!!
  12. The Fountain Bar

    Does anyone know what year the pig & whistle shut? i suspect it was late 1980s as I seem to remember that there was a GT Sports (?) shop there for a few years in the late 80s/90s
  13. Barrow Boys, Shude Hill

    Hi- I am researching a book on Sheffield pubs post 1951- and I am looking for stories/ pictures/ info and I wondered if I could use this pic? I will provide a full picture credit if I use one of your original pictures in my publication. You can pm me or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com . Thanks in advance Jamie
  14. Hyde Park Flats

    Hello all! I am writing a book on Sheffield pubs and I am looking for info/ pictures/ stories on the 4 pubs at Hyde Park- The Target The Crows Nest The Samuel Plimsoll Earl Francis Please pm or email sheffieldpubs@outlook.com if you can help!
  15. Looks And Smiles

    Does anyone know which pub/ club was used for the interior shots of this film?