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  1. Tony White was a compare and so was Marti Cane (before she was famous). I had my 21st celebrations there Mike Reid was on!! I got lots of comps because my Mom was friends with Lea a lady who did the bookings etc. I saw Dion Warwick there and Neil Sedaka, we sat by the stage for Neil Sedaka and a woman threw him a rose, it fell on the floor and my Mom picked it up and put it on the stage, he saw her and thought she had given it him, so he sang a song just for her, the woman behind us was furious!!!
  2. I won tickets to see the film with Slade in it (can't remember the name of the film..) it was premiered at the Gaumont and Slade came on live to open the film (not exactly "red carpet" material but exciting for it's day and to an 18 year old mesmerising) I loved the Gaumont, it WAS "posh"!!