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  1. Thanks for the great pics Andy. What a shame fine buildings like this are left neglected :-( On the subject of tube systems and wooden esculators it reminded me very much of Coles on the Coles Corner site which had them. I too was fascinated as a kid in the late 1950s watching them wizz around the shop. The great thing about wooden esculators (not sure if the old Coles had them) is that they all had their "own song" and unique noise. I can almost here them now.
  2. Thanks everyone for the great pics. We do appreciate them lol
  3. Here is a small pic of the Chantrey after Gleesons took it over. I don't know when that was but I worked in that building as part of my building course industrial training circa 1970. On-site I was lucky enough to work a few weeks on the building of the Crucible Theatre.
  4. Hi Siren - All very fascinating to read. I have since tried to check some facts and I think he lived there from around 1917 on when he was about 4. He did often tell stories of the Zeppelin's he saw as a young lad and it looks like he lived there at the time of the damage caused by the 1916 bomb. I don't know of these names or really anything else. He did tell us that this area was affected by the Sheffield Gang Wars in the 1920's when he was a young teen. The family moved to Southey in the late 1930s I believe. I of course will post some pics on here if I ever find any.
  5. Some great pics on here. I am after a request this time I wonder if anyone might just have any photographs of Danville Street, located very near Burngreave Cemetary? My father lived there I believe around the end of WWI but not sure how long for. I have a memory as a small boy in the 1950s visiting there to see friends of my father who still lived there at the time. Back alleys and court yards come to mind and the area known as Danville Mount which all the kids used to play on.
  6. Garden model railways & helicopters - you can see why it was so popular for us kids. The Hamleys of the north in the 1960s perhaps? If I ever went to town with mum or dad in the early 60s I would have a major strop if I couldn't go to Redgates and when I got a little older would often go on my own. I think my favourite section were the model railways which were downstairs and to the left. There was nothing they didn't have and that included all the loco books, especially Ian Allen.
  7. How about a "picture requests" forum? I have one but not to sure where the best place to ask is.
  8. I was always in and out of there when I was nearby at Shirecliffe College, temporally located in the old city school on the corner of West & Leopold street around 1968. I remember it being on 2 floors and were they not just bare floor boards back then?
  9. Is this the Central Secondary School (or City School) that was on the corner of West/Leopold Street? In 1968 for a year or two it was the home of Shirecliffe College while the new college was being built on Standish Way just off Shirecliffe Road. Being a very high point you could see for miles around and it overlooked Owlerton and was pretty much open landscape. Sheffield Helipad was also nearby. Way off right? I'll get my coat :huh:
  10. a Bucc favorite (and mine) late on was "Riders on the Storm" - The Doors
  11. This was my pub of choice in town and I started drinking there in 1970/71. If we were there early enough we went for the seats below the window to the street level on your immediate left as you went downstairs. You had the advantage of seeing everything that went on in the bar and admiring the view as mini skirted girls walked past on Leopold Street. It was dimly lit and I remember that being an attraction. If it had been well lit I guess it would have looked far worse than it was as a lot of beer finished up on the floor most nights! It was so dark that if you popped over to the Stonehouse for a late drink you needed shades as it seemed so bright in comparison. The toilets were a dump and very small? I remember paying 1/6d (7.5pence would you believe) for a pint of double diamond. I don't remember them having draught lager at that time and I still hadn't aquired the taste for bitter. I seem to remember the music was better and louder than most pubs which they probably got away with being below street level. This also had the disadvantage of it being very smoky. We all seemed to smoke back then and if you didn't you probably breathed in a pack of 20 a night of other peoples smoke! You sometimes use to see the the odd group of Sheffield Wednesday players there and I seem to remember Wilf Smith, David Ford being there a couple of times. There was a lot of protest when plastic glasses were introduced and things didn't seem the same after that. I haven't lived in Sheffield since 1982 but was there to see it close which was a sad day. I only ever went to the place that replaced it once. Featureless I remember. ps. evidently it closed in 1973 but I thought it was a lot later than that.
  12. that thought went through my mind tsavo I'm sure I had some more shots of the moor around this time but I haven't been able to find them for years but I haven't given up looking.
  13. Hi syrup - Glad it brought back some memories for you. I cleaned up the slide and scanned it again at 300dpi for you.
  14. These 4 pics taken from slides were taken by me Christmas 1968 or 1969. I was experimenting with my new camara (a Practika). I sold the camera in 1971 to buy my first suit for a job interview with James Neill & it got me the job.
  15. They don't look english to me. Could they be celebrating a national event from their own country perhaps. I thought of the Polish community but their garb looks more eastern, some less so than others. Looks like Joseph Stalin on the first left of the 2nd from top row :huh: