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  1. Does anyone remember nurse Banks.She delivered my twin sisters in Cross Bedford St.I went to her flat, with my father, to call her out .She lived near Philadelphia school.The whole memory reminds me of the tv series Call the Midwife.She lived around that area for years.
  2. Sorry I cant answer your questions.My family lived there until the houses were demolished . We don't have any photos and as far as I know no one is living there now. My family loved living at the Springs and were sorry to leave.I hope you do have a film made and that the public will be able to view it.I for one would love to see it.
  3. Every house I was at in the fifties had a cellar.The coal man lifted the grate from outside and tipped the coal down into the cellar.There was a slab to keep food cold.There was a brick missing in our cellar wall that led to the neighbours cellar, this was done during the war so that folks could call through if they were trapped.
  4. My grandmother used to say (cornish) and when I first thought about it years ago I presumed it was short for cornish stone.Were mantel pieces made of stone?Just a theory.
  5. I thought the opening of the games could have been the history of Sheffield.The green fields to the industrial revolution,I was completely able to identify with the display.(don't know about the rest of the world)The gold fired Olympic rings appeared the same as they did in the steel works as I saw, when I was growing up.I do feel sorry for people that don't know what it's like to have been born and bred in Sheffield.Lets hope the ceremony gave them a bit of an insight.
  6. So enjoyable.Such a lot of information to take in.Well researched.
  7. What was Sheffield like before the steel industry? Did the people that worked in the industry always live in Sheffield and did they adapt or were they attracted here because of the work? I've noticed a lot of people are small and dark,I'm wondering if we came from a particular tribe.Any thoughts.
  8. watching the opening of the Olympic games tonight reminded me of dancing around the maypole at Philadelphia in the assembly hall.I think it is a pagan ceremony,strange activity in a christian school.Does anyone recall the climbing equipment set up occasionally for P.E. I think it was called superla.
  9. Thanks for that,My sister was to scout the park at the first opportunity she could get to see if they were still there.
  10. My mum did the washing at the wash house attached to the Upperthorpe Baths.I once peeked inside the door and saw MASSIVE driers that reached up to the ceiling from the floor.It is hard to describe what I saw ,I can only say it was industrial.Are there any photos or is there anyone out there with better descriptive language than me?
  11. There was a boating lake in Hillsborough Park.I don't know the name of the boats but they could be peddled.I would just love to have a go on one of those boats again.I expect ( Health and Safety) stopped all that.
  12. sorry,I only just saw the post.Will light a candle for her.
  13. Having a cup of coffee at the A B C cinema,The cafe was up stairs .I had to save up for it. Boiled sweety fish at the rag and tag.(SPICE) The river Don bursting its banks The Star Walk Bonfire night The Boat Race on the River Don. Watched through the rails on Nursery Walk. Watching the women using the big rollers to iron the sheets at the Infirmary hospital.Viewed from a window at street level to the basement. Our nature walk from Philadelphia school took us to the steel works on Rutland Rd.(the heat was unbearable) Watching the men make coffins at Tomlinsons in the basement.I can still smell the saw dust. Taking the flowers from Tomlinsons dump.(They were from the funeral hearsts) Playing on the bombed site on Cross bedford St. This is just a small amount of memory, I wont bore you with the rest but I have to add that the saddest memory is of men filling their billy cans with tea and sugar and walking to work to the various furnaces.So sad it is gone.