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  1. I have been looking for Tony Whyte for over twenty years researching family history and found him too late. My aunt is now 93 but young Freddie (Tony's real name) Wight lived in her family for about four years leaving around 1931 when his father came back and took him away. He was never seen again. The trauma of this event has had huge reprecussions over the years on a number of his siblings. The family assumed that Fred's mother's family had taken Fred and his brother(s) in when his father died. It was a shock to my aunt to discover he had been put into an orphanage. Tony's father was a charmer. If anyone has any memories of Tony as a child which would fill in the blanks of his early life please, please post them. 93 and in poor health means sooner rather than later... but it was a shock to discover young Freddie had died so recently.