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  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for that info. I didn't know who they were playing. Alfred was also fined for not supporting his first wife, Lily Wright. I think he deserted her almost as soon as he married her. He had three children with my Nan, first one died at birth, second one died when he was 1 year old, then the third one, my mam, she died aged 49. I was called Michael after Alfred's dad. Do you have any info on Michael McCarthy and his father, think his name was William. I do know a little, but any help would be welcome.
  2. Thank you Syrup, for that information. That is the same man I'm researching. I've just got to prove he is the same Alfred who married my gran in 1920 up in Durham. On their marriage certificate his name is Alfred Edward McCarthy. I used to have a medal given to Alfred, from WW1. My mother passed it on to me, but unfortunately I can no longer find it. That would be the proof I need. Once again thanks.
  3. Hi, thanks to you both, for your help. If it's the same man, he was a bigamist as he married a woman in County Durham 1920/2, my gran, I believe he was found out. He was arrested and taken away, don't know where to. Just don't seem able to find out what happened to him. His family were from the Darnal area. I know he was a time keeper for a steel works place in Sheffield, not sure which one though.
  4. Where could I find information about a death of a Sheffield Utd fan, while at a football match. Alfred McCarthy died from a heart attack in 1960 at the ground. He was aged 70, he worked in a steel factory as a time keeper.
  5. A big thanks to you all. I now have a lot more to go on. A great site and very helpfull people.
  6. Hi, she was the stepdaughter of Alfred McCarthy, her mothers maiden name was Ruth A Humberstone. So I would think Richards would be her married name, but not sure. I believe Alfred was my grandad, but not a 100% sure. On his death certificate, Ivy is the one who registered his death. It states her as stepdaughter. Her address was named as Lower Edges Sheffield. I'm trying to find someone who might know something about Alfred. I do have a lot of information about him,but nothing to confirm he was my grandfather.
  7. Looking for any information on this lady. Her mother could have been called Ruth A Humberstone, (maiden name).
  8. Saw Showaddywaddy there,it must have been about 1973-4. A great night out.
  9. An old post card of Sheffield Fargate. Don't know what year though.
  10. My grandad who I believe to be Alfred died at Bramhall Lane football ground in August 1966 aged 70. Can anyone tell if it would have been in the local press and do they know what the papers would be called. I know his death certificate was signed by his stepdaughter an Ivy Richards who lived at Lower Edges Crescent Sheffield. Any information on any of the above would be welcome.
  11. Yes I do know most of that. If it's the same person I think he was married to a Lily Wright 1918 in Sheffield. then married my gran 1921/1922 in the North East. But thanks for information.
  12. Hi, can anyone help. I'm looking for any information on Alfred. He died on August twenty third 1966. He died of a heart attack at Bramall Lane football ground, aged 70. He worked as a timekeeper at a steel works. Address 39 Hallyburton Road Sheffield. I have his death certificate, the informant, was his stepdaughter a Ivy Richards of 55 Low Edges Crescent Sheffield. I am still trying to prove that he was my grandfather. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi Connie. Than you for your message. My side of the family is Alfred McCarthy,who was my granddad,on my mothers side. But it is hard trying to prove,but I'm 98% sure it's correct. Alfred was born in 1895-1896,in notts. He was the youngest or second youngest child of Michael McCarthy. He lived with Florence,when they lived in the North East. My nan never spoke of Alfred, as I was told,that he was all ready married,when he married her. That was in 1920. I was given a medal of his,when I was a kid,but I've lost it, this would confirm him as my granddad. I always remember it had his name ect on it.my mother told me that he was a gunner in ww1,I was named after a family member. He had two children with nan,one was a boy named William, born 1922, but died 1923, my mother was born in 1923. One day the police came and took him away. He came looking for my nan,but she had moved away, and he was told that both kids were dead. So I don't know what happened then. If you have any information,concerning the family I would love to hear about it. I have a copy of Florence's birth certificate. As you may have seen by the message's , Kevin Stone is related to John Henry McCarthy, his great granddad, that was Michael McCarthy's eldest son. I have some information on the family as does Kevin .Look forward to hearing from you again. Regards Mick
  14. Thanks Kevin. Sorry it taken so long to reply,but I've only just found your reply.do you have any more information on Alfred. I think he could be my granddad.. I never new him but I was given a medal of his when I was a young kid, I had it up until about 10 years ago,but I don't know where it is. I remember it had his name and number and regiment around the edge. I remember it had RGA, I was told he was a gunner, I remember it was a long number.but that's all. Alfred married my nan,and had two children,one who died either in child birth or very young.the other was my mam. But he was already married when he married nan. I was told that the police called at their home and arrested him, and he was jailed. Apart from that information the only other things I was told,was that his family was Irish ,and that I was named Michael as that was a family name. Mam's side never liked to talk about him because he was a bigamist. I look forward to your reply,if you can help.