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  1. Emily Bruce buried 27 Apr 1919 age 67 wife of Joseph 48 Yarmouth St Carbrook grave AA21c Also in same grave Joseph Bruce 20 Jun 1923 age 72 labourer 32 Blackmore St Brightside
  2. Hi Looked at all the resources I have and Edward Stevenson is very elusive! There is a possibility he could have left the country. Sorry I couldn't help. I hope some information will give you a breakthrough one day. Sue
  3. Hi To help with the search- Was 1930 the last year you can trace him? What was your grandmother's name and when and where was she born?
  4. from Sheffield Indexers MONTGOMERY COLLEGE, ~ (~, (Arthur Reynolds Lee, Principal)). Address: 295 Cemetery Road, ~ in 1925. Recorded in: Sheffield & Rotherham Kellys Directory
  5. Edith Ellen Hardy died in 1995 age 84 Edith Ellen Hardy dob 2 Mar 1911 death Oct 1995 age 84 Sheffield register number 156A district and sub district 0481l entry 246
  6. Hi Jane Darwin-grandmother of Annie Brocklehurst-had a son Joseph b.1841. Joseph Darwin married Fanny Brocklehurst in 1878-GRO ref Sep 1878 Sheffield 9c 561. This was after the birth of Annie, hence the birth registration in 1869-GRo ref Sep 1869 Sheffield 9c 335. In 1871 and 1881 Annie is living as Annie Darwin with her parents.
  7. Hi It would be useful if you could give us some dates to work around-Cooper is a common name. Where and when were Frank and Annie born? When and where was their first child born? Sue
  8. Hi Looking at the 1901 census, Henry Staniforth is a widower, so Sarah cannot have died in 1915. The family were living at 28 Coventry Road in Attercliffe cum Darnall On Sheffieldindexers site, there is this burial STANIFORTH, Sarah Ann (wife of Henry Staniforth, age 46). Died at 28 Coventry Road; Buried on 26 November 1895 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 32, Section A of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield Sue
  9. Hi There is this possible marriage Elenor Laybourn to George Paulson Mar qtr 1952 Doncaster 2b 934 Sue
  10. Hi Richard Have you got the marriage certificate for Thomas Parkin and Clara Birks? From freebmd.org Thomas Parkin/ Clara Birks Sep 1870 Ecclesall B 9c 260 This will show the name and occupation of Thomas Parkin's father and maybe other family members as witnesses. That info will help in the search to go back further. Sue
  11. Hi The signature does look like Mrs Worthington. The address looks like Broken? Bank, Salford. Looking in the 1824 Baines Directory, there is a Thos Worthington mfr living at 8 Broken Bank, Salford. Is this where Sarah was working? Sue
  12. Hi The surname Green is quite hard to search. Have you got your grandparents marriage certificate? The certificate will give the name of Stanley's father and his occupation. There is a possibility he wasn't born in Sheffield. On freebmd this is the marriage registration- note the spelling of your grandmother's surname. Green Stanley Cripton Sep 1918 Sheffield 9c 1112 Cripton Rose Green Sep 1918 Sheffield 9c 1112 Sue
  13. Hi Laura I cannot find Jessie Staniforth in Tinsley Park, Darnall or Attercliffe cemeteries. Looking at death indexes for Jessie, I think she may have died in 1974. The indexes I have only list burials to 1973 for Tinsley Park cemetery. She could be buried with Harry but you may have to contact Sheffield Bereavement Services to confirm it. Sue
  14. Hi Laura There are 3 Jessie Smiths buried at Tinsley Park cemetery Jessie Smith 3 Oct 1906, 4m, daug of John Edward, 33 James St Darnall, grave no X8c Jessie Smith 20 Nov1909, 13, daug of George, 22 Farraday Road, Attercliffe D17c Jessie Smith, 17 Nov 1927 3m, daug of Hannah, 35 Surrey Rd/Childrens hospital GB93gp Harry Staniforth 30 Apr 1946, 62, Carter, 23 Steadfast St,drowned in the, CB6gp Sorry can't say where he drowned -that all it says it says in the records I have. Sue
  15. Hi There are burials for Darnall 1859-1901 and Tinsley Park Cemeteries 1882-1973 indexed by Sheffield FHS. Further details can be found at www,sheffieldfhs.org.uk in the publications section. I found these plot numbers from my info. At Tinsley Park William Page d.1903 4 Zion Lane plot G71c John Page d.1920 3 Chapel St LC182nc Frederick Page d.1922 28ct 8 Attercliffe Rd IC 183c At Darnall George Stones d.1881 1646nc Hope this helps