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  1. Great films brings back good memories of Rag Week in Sheffield we went every year. Thanks
  2. I used to go in there christmas eve and grab a bargin for my son. Got him a tonka fire engine one year no box so good price. those were the days. Thanks for the memories.
  3. Hi there happy easter to all. The picture is of Royal Hospital West Street.junction with Eldon Street.
  4. Toms lass

    Thank You

    I would just like to thank all at Sheffield History for my birthday wishes.THANK YOU.
  5. Hi guys, on this subject we lived in France for 3 years, the tour came past our village. We had never seen anything like it, all the village was out, sat with nibbles and wine of course. The support came through giving out all sorts of things, the kids thought it was great. When the bikes came through it was so fast if you blinked you missed it. Great fun, hope I can get to Sheffield next year to see it. I hope it puts Sheffield back on the map, history in the making.
  6. Hi all, Happy Easter. Don,t forget Peter Stringfellow they were at Walkley.
  7. Hi my family also came over from Ireland at that time. They went to St.Vincents and lived in the crofts, look on sheffield pictures they are slums with more than one family in a house. Some of the family are in St Michaels Rivelin, very good details on this site.
  8. Hi All, does anyone remember Booker T and MGs, Jimmy Ruffin, Blue Mink and more Motown event I think 60s. 1st time I have put a message on hope its not last.