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  1. The above website is mine...if anyone related, please get in touch.
  2. I was looking at a thread Sheffield Soldiers killed in the great war surnames m-z, but as the topic is now closed and I can't add to it. Hope it's ok to post here... I just wanted to add a memorial postcard I have of Pte Frank Thackery who was killed in action 4th Sept 1917, just in case his family searches for it! I was left the postcard by by Grand-aunt, who's brother, Ernest Whitaker, was also a KOYLI. I'm assuming that Pte Thackery was a dear friend of my Grand-uncle.
  3. Hi guys, if your tape measures are not measuring accurately, blame my mum - she used to check them !
  4. I don't know for certain who made these films, but I seem to recall Dr Whiting (@2.20 in the film) being involved in the Film Club? Before the school went comp in 1969, I (obviously) was in the blue building - the desks and all the décor were in pristine condition. Occasionally, a girls was required to take a message to the boys' school and when it was my turn to go (dreaded it!!) I saw all the desks were old, ink-stained, carved into, and décor was shabby, and smelly - the difference between young ladies and frogs, snail & puppy-dogs' tails !!! After going comp, as you say, we had to walk between buildings between lessons. The terrain was ok but obviously we got soaked when it rained! The forms were 1E 1G 1A 1P etc (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor). The top stream did O Levels and CSEs, the G stream just did CSEs. The A's often 'ended up in the typing pool'! Girls weren't allowed to do Physics/Chemistry (those were boys' subjects), they could only do Biology as a science subject. Prefects in the Girls' School wore lovely tartan sashes, but when I got to be a prefect in my last year, I guess they were short of money because they cut all the sashes up and we just wore a piece attached to a prefect badge! Still got my prefect badge - and my school reports AND leaving report!!. (now I'm rambling too much )
  5. Hi, guys, (this is my first post on here.) I went to Newfield School and was in the 5th Year when this film was shot - I make an appearance at 2.44! I remember many of the faces who were in my year in the film. It's a wonderful thing to be able to look back like this - the film's evoked many great memories for me...sigh!