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  1. We used to call it "The Beakers" because of the plastic glasses.It closed before I was 18 so I never did drink in there legally.We used to sneak in,sometimes got funny looks,but I can't remember ever being turned away.There was a barmaid called Lorraine who used to serve me even if I was miles away from the bar,then she'd give me a wink.Hehe.Best pub ever.
  2. I spent more time in here than I did at home.
  3. I know this thread is months old but I've only just noticed it. My grandfather used to work here during the late 40's into the 60's. I remember my mother and I waiting outside for him to finish work, and we'd all walk home together to Hoyland Road. Joe Greenfield was his name, I think he was a foreman of some description from what my mother tells me. He used to practically live there from what I remember.
  4. Dont think it's Neepsend.My granny lived in Hoyland Road and as I can remember the gas tanks were practically in her back yard.If it were them,the pics must have been taken from up Parkwood springs,but I don't think it is.
  5. Thanks Richard.I thought I could vaguely remember my Mum and Dad taking me there on dark,cold December afternoons in the run up to Christmas.Truly magical memories.My Mum still lives in Sheffield and I visit perhaps twice a year.It brings tears to my eyes to see what they've done to it.Progress.......
  6. Hi all.Just found this forum.I find myself missing Sheffield more as I get older.Anyways... there was a toy shop in Fitzalan Square called Wilson and Gumpert,just opposite the taxi rank on the corner near the Odeon,which,unless I'm mistaken,was later to become Redgates.I may be wrong,just a fuzzy memory from the back of my mind.