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  1. as regards west riding,we were told at school that the king [can't remember which 1] split the kingdom into 3 areas that could be covered on horseback from daaaarn saaaaaaaarf [london] & called them riddings---[ridings] east-west-north.thus explaining why theres no south riding.
  2. Algernon McLennan Lyons was a prominent figure in the Royal Navy who rose to become Admiral of the Fleet. He was born in Satara, India on August 2, 1833, the second of three sons of Humphrey Lyons (a Lieutenant-General in the Indian (Bombay) Army) and Eliza Bennett. Lyons saw service with the Royal Navy in the Crimean War where he was appointed flag-lieutenant to his uncle, Sir Edmund Lyons (later 1st Baron Lyons of Christchurch). Following the war, he led a distinguished career, which included appointments as Commander-in-Chief in the Pacific, North America and the West Indies and Plymouth (1893). In 1895 he was appointed First and Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria. In 1889 Algernon Lyons was created a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (KCB), subsequently raised to a Grand Commander (GCB) in 1897. On August 23, 1897, he was promoted to the penultimate position of Admiral of the Fleet. He was also a Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant of Glamorganshire. Algernon married Louisa Jane Penrice (1853-1935) of Kilvrough, near Swansea, Glamorgan, the sole heiress of her father, Thomas Penrice (1820-1897) and had issue. [edit]
  3. Sheffield (formerly Malvern) and Waddington are two small neighbouring villages located in the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island
  4. hiall, found this, not found nippo yet- They set up an area of Japan called "USA" just as they infamously tried it on with "Made in Sheffield" steel, made in Sheffield, Japan. I think US rules have toughened a bit since then but it's tricky with so many multi-nationals about.
  5. :rolleyes: dunno' if its true or not but i heard in the 70s that the jap's built a steel mill & named the accomodation round the site sheffield so they could call their product sheffield steel.
  6. found this,Avro Vulcan Much loved by its crews, the mighty delta winged 'Avro Vulcan' was designed to perform Britain's nuclear deterrent bomber role during the Cold War. It carried out this responsibility for more than a decade. The aircraft then served as a low-level nuclear strike and maritime radar reconnaissance platform, before finally being called to war action in the Falklands conflict where it provided long-range bombing capabilities, attacking surface targets and Stanley Airport. me'thinks i'm right after all-.
  7. hi john, the webby's scarborough evening news [just type that in],will get on this, i'm starting to feel like david vincent [THE INVADERS} 100% sure i'm right,will probably get a visit from the men in black for speaking publicly --. going back to the vulcan, they flew from lincolnshire-doncaster & sunderland , so as they flew somewhere around 400mph,its just a short dash to scarborough from those locations i guess.wikk get back to y'all on this many thanx,willo.
  8. hiall.when i first came to live in scarb'ro [1980] one of the first things i noticed [could'nt really miss-] was the vulcan bomber flying over the castle headland, i was told that the vulcans were a 24x7 presence & were britains 1st line of nuclear deterant/strike force. over the weekend i posted on the scarbr'o forum asking any ones memories of this majestic [scary] bit of local history. the only positive reply i got was from 1 ex raf chap with an impressive knowledge of aircraft / bases/pilots[their goldfishes names blah blah, who assures me that the vulcans never flew over here.now either i'm having flashbacks to when i was'nt in vietnam or we had some *******! big seagulls here in those days. i'v trawled the net looking for a scarbr'o vulcan connection,with no joy. i just wondered if any of you guys/gals remember seeing the vulcan during your trips to the resort. cheers all,willo.
  9. as you went towards tinsley from banners [same side] the next pub wudda been the queens head [i think] the 1 after that wudda been the station [almost directly opposite the kings head] this had a ginnel down't side & was small. these 3 pubs were all in spitting distance of the old banners.
  10. hi rich,if thats atypo' & you mean kings head, the pub opposite is/was the station.
  11. ole willos off to specsavers! i wondered why the 2 cars were parked nose to nose against the wall. but you'r right, do'nt park down there either. next time you come p.m. me & i'l send you an all day pass [free of course]
  12. he he hi there,i'm guessing from your pics that they were taken from where the pump station is [just up from the luna park].a few years ago the wife & i [we live in scarbor'o] having returned from york [after dropping my nephew at york rail station] decided to have a drive round the marine drive at about 5am. this was when they were building the new sea wall,as we approached the spot your photos show i felt a bump followed by a grinding noise & promptly stopped & exited the car to investigate. i'd run over 1 of the plastic barrier support things that held the temporary railings & it had been displaced by the [very!!!!!!] rough sea,the thing was firmly wedged under the back axle & the car was well & truly stuck. i told the wife to try the car in 1st gear while i tried to bounce it over the obstacle,any road after about 5mins of this & the ole micra screamin & smokin its arse off i approached the sea wall to look for some thing to use as a lever to try & budge the car,as i looked out to sea i saw the biggest wave ive seen [since the krakatoa film in the 60s-] coming in I ran towards the car in a state of sheer panic, waving my arms like a loony & the wife wound the window down to see what the **** i was waving at. the wave hit us as she got the window halfway down,instantly filling the car & soaking her & it lifted me off my feet & threw me against the wall behind the [legally] parked cars in your photos. just after this terrifying experience the coastguard arrived in his landrover & after a few harsh words about scarbr'o councils ineptitude at not closing the drive hoisted us free [& lent me some loo roll--].a few hours after this ordeal we went down there again [after the sea had abated] & you would'nt believe the debris the sea had thrown on the road [tree trunks- stones & such] so i guess we were very lucky to have got off with a soaking. so no do'nt park there or even walk round when the sea is angry. as a p.s. i'd like to thank the van full of local constabulary [NOT!!!!!!!!] who drove past while we were in this predicament & completely ignored us, cheers guys.
  13. burnaby d.c. i'l check the full address & get back to you as i'm not sure, he's bo**oked me for the last 30 odd years for never writing-,i ring instead.
  14. as a p.s i think there is a version of seven seas on queen 1,but its more of an instrumental!.will mebbe get in the loft & dust the vynil off to check lol