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  1. My sister was working on the reception and managed to wangle 1966 World Cup Quater final tickets courtesy of the Uraguayan team who were staying at the there, plus autographs of the team, pennants and badges all of which I still have.
  2. The missus mainly caught the Bridge Street busses 79/89 when we were down town as I caught the 150/47 or 151/48. Sometimes though (if she had missed the bus) it may be the 49 or the above mentioned 53 though I seem to remember that that one all round the houses to get there. Occasionally we would catch the 17 as it ran late and although it went through Brightside it was the only bus that stopped close to both my house in Shiregreen and hers on the Cross
  3. That's got me baffled, I'm sure she used to get on a bus on Campo Lane occasionally to meet her of a bus on Campo lane from the Cross. Still I guess she stil has all her marbles and I'm losing mine lol
  4. Can any of our bus experts help settle an argument? I'm sure that the 53 Parson Cross bus stopped on Campo Lane in the seventies but my wife disagrees, which one of us is losing their memory
  5. I was just round the corner on Fairthorn Road, our garden backed onto the ones on Nesfield. I knew a lot of people who lived on there
  6. Do you have the same shot ( or any shot) of it when it was the Top Rak?
  7. Another thing about Corporation Street baths , was after it had been demolished we would pass it on the 47/48 bus. Looking down from the upstairs window I could not believe what a tiny area of land it stood on, almost TARDIS like.
  8. A sad story of Corparation Stree Baths. A neighbour who lived in the same yard as my Grandmother lost their only child, a daughter when she drown at the baths. My mother tells me how she went round to pay her respects and was shocked to find the open coffin in the sitting room and the poor mum sat holding the new pair of shoes she had bought her daughter to be buried in.
  9. Must have lived close to me, we would get off at Rollistone Road
  10. The Old Town Hall and Crown Court in Waingate has been abandoned since 1997. Here is a pictorial view of what state it is in today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2591539/Inside-imposing-abandoned-Victorian-court-left-rot-two-decades.html
  11. I worked there for a while in the early seventies
  12. Just to clear things up the "Footballer Class" B17's were named after football clubs that were on the LNER line not for winning any competition. When each engine was taken out of service each club was give one of the nameplates, as already stated some are on prominent display but it would be interesting to know where they all are. I do happen to know that Huddersfield is in storage at the moment.
  13. They should have put it next to our own "Tardis" on the other side of the Town Hall
  14. Fantastic pictures. I just wish someone had pics of the inside in it's heyday
  15. OK some are obvious Firth Park is named after the park. But what is the history behind the naming of "Parson Cross", Handsworth, Attercliffe etc? Anyone have theories or facts?