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  1. This could have been the Indus - see the image of the cinema showing Rocky 3.
  2. I've not long got in after enjoying a bus ride round Attercliffe organised by Mike Higginbottom. From the perspective of the upper deck of a 1955 Sheffield Bus (rear platform entrance and stairs) starting at the bus station we were taken round the area and given a running commentary on the history of this former village as we toured famous locations. We made three stops on the way and visited the English Institute of Sport (opened 2003), the Rediscovered Zion Congregational Church Graveyard (the resting place of the Read Family and the 19th Century Abolitionist Mary Ann Rawson) dating from 1805 and finally Attercliffe Library - now a music cafe originally opened 1894. There will be another tour running on June 30th. Meet at 2pm but tickets are limited and must be booked in advance via http://www.mikehigginbottominterestingtimes.co.uk/?product=a-bus-ride-round-attercliffe-june-30th-2019 Highly recommended.
  3. Just a thought. The earlier picture was taken on a Sunday. Might this have been a special taking Boy Scouts to the City Hall for the annual St George's day service?
  4. Florent Leon Puinot United Kingdom, Merchant Navy Seamen Records, 1835-1941 Name: Florent Leon Puinot Event Type: Military Service Event Year Range: 1921-1941 Event Place: United Kingdom Birthplace: London Birth Year: 1919
  5. I went into a supermarket in the north of Sheffield on the day of the Royal Wedding last year. To get in the royalty mood, they'd put pictures of William and Kate on the toilet doors.
  6. I can't say one way or the other, but there are other large rooms which could have held an exhibition, not just the main hall (known as the Church). There is a large room in the basement and a fairly large room on the top floor.
  7. The score in the 1964 F.A. Cup Final was West Ham 3 Preston 2. Preston took the lead and John Sissons equalised. A second Preston goal followed and it was Geoff Hurst who equalised. The winner was scored in the 90th minute by Ronnie Boyce. On the Preston side that day was Howard Kendall. The referee was Arthur Holland of Barnsley.
  8. It's a shot taken in Winter from the bare trees. There's a bit of sun casting a shadow of that telegraph pole on the left, so the view could be eastwards. I'm guessing Hatfield House Lane looking eastwards towards junction with Sicey Avenue?
  9. I'd suggest going to City Road Cemetery office first and finding out the exact location of the grave. If there is no stone, then they can also tell you "It's the space next to John Smith." You might also ask at the office if there are any burials taking place when you want to go, if you know when you're going. The Tinsley Park Cemetery is open most days (We've gone past Christmas so don't worry about that)
  10. from what I remember. the premises were a former car showroom on Division Street and the two brothers that owned it as Gangsters were the two behind the Chuck Ranch on Holme Lane (mentioned on another thread).. I think the site was where there is that butcher nowadays.
  11. From "The gates of Zion": Dissenting Academies were set up to provide Nonconformist youth with a good education as they were not permitted to go to universities. Richard Frankland opens such an Academy in a wing of Attercliffe Hall.
  12. I disagree. Today's memories are tomorrow's history. Take any event you remember in detail and compare it to what you can find about an event 100 years ago. It's memory that brings the subject to life. Anyone who saw the Peter Jackson film last wekend will see it as history, but for those in it, it was living memory.
  13. There used to be a line in a tunnel running from Bridgehouses to Wicker station, going under Spital Hill. There was also a plan for a huge two level station linking the two lines (where the line from the Midland Station passed under the Victoria line, but this never came to anything.
  14. Might the brewery have been the Anchor Brewery on the corner of Cherry Street?