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  1. Hopman

    The area around Bramall Lane

    Besides the football references in the film, there are a couple of other points worth recording. On Cherry Street was the Anchor Brewery, next door to Arnold Laver. At one time a local chimney sweep devised an apparatus for taking the sawdust from Lavers and using it as a fuel source at the brewery.. I recall that during the 1970s SUFC had their club shop on John Street in a corner shop sized location. I note that the ground had five floodlight pylons, one mounted on the John Street Stand roof. It can be seen on the picture, look for the long shadow.
  2. Hopman

    Sheffield's Quirky Places

    Exchange Gateway, off Fargate opposite Carmel House HSBC. I once backed a box van into it.
  3. I think that at one time there were two pubs on opposite sides of the London end of the Great North Road. One was called the Bull and the other the Cock. Any news was told in one and then the other, with some degree of exaggeration in the story, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. This was the origin of the phrase "a cock and bull story" so I believe.
  4. The second shot, taken from across the road, shows a patch of waste ground. I remember this being used for Army Recruiting with vehicles and equipment. I also seem to recall this was filled with fir trees in December and became a Santa's Grotto, though I think South Street was put through this site. Somewhere at the back of the shops was a modern looking Post Office (modern for then!). At the bottom end of the Moor was the Yorkshire Bank. I remember going in there with my father on a Saturday morning as he cashed a cheque after pushing two pennies across the counter for stamp duty.
  5. At one time, going up on the left would have gone past a row of single story shops. I think there was a fancy dress shop here and there may have been a Thorntons Chocolate Kabin as well.
  6. Hopman

    A little bit about Sheffield City Hall

    The Smaller Hall at the back is the Memorial Hall, not the Oval Hall. It's the big hall that's the Oval Hall (There's a big clue in the name).
  7. Hopman

    Park House in Sheffield

    Maybe it was out in the country if we look through 19th Century eyes.
  8. Hopman

    Old Sheffield newspapers

    Although the British Newspaper archive doesn't have anything later than 1950, for anything earlier it can be a useful resource. I know that Rachmaninov appeared at the Sheffield City Hall in the 1930s, so by going to the advanced search section and putting in Rachmaninov and Sheffield City Hall, followed by a wide range of dates, among the results appears: The date of this article is Friday 16 October 1936. This appeared in the Western Daily Press, but many papers often carried news from other parts of the country. The listing also tells which page the article is on, so if you make a note of that, a trip to the local Studies section will tell you where to look in the paper. I was recently looking for anything on an accident in a Birmingham cinema in 1922, and from the range of results which came up, I was able to gain a lot of information (although the deceased gained two years in age in the space of a couple of days! ).
  9. maybe they wanted drinkers on the lanes - and get more people in?
  10. Stan was a great one for collecting autographs, even from the minor supporting acts. Ray Alan, the ventriloquist was surprised at one theatre when he answered a knock on his dressing room door and opened it to find Stan with his autograph book.
  11. Hopman

    Grandma's Coal Crystals

    I'd not heard of it myself, but take a look at https://www.education.com/activity/article/Colorful_Crystals_Coal/
  12. Hopman

    Construction of the town hall

    This is more up to date. 2018.
  13. Hopman

    What do we know about this part of town?

    I think Ellin Street is now part of the car park formerly for Staples and Mothercare.
  14. Hopman

    Wonderful Grottos

    There used to be a patch of land on the left of the Moor going down where there was at (at least) one time a Santa's Forest. I think this site was used for travelling exhibitions and the like. I remember the Army had a stint here once.
  15. Could it have been Atkinsons? There is access to their car park up a ramp before turning into the car park.