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  1. Hopman

    Hartshead Square

    I disagree. Today's memories are tomorrow's history. Take any event you remember in detail and compare it to what you can find about an event 100 years ago. It's memory that brings the subject to life. Anyone who saw the Peter Jackson film last wekend will see it as history, but for those in it, it was living memory.
  2. Hopman

    Underground railways.

    There used to be a line in a tunnel running from Bridgehouses to Wicker station, going under Spital Hill. There was also a plan for a huge two level station linking the two lines (where the line from the Midland Station passed under the Victoria line, but this never came to anything.
  3. Might the brewery have been the Anchor Brewery on the corner of Cherry Street?
  4. I've cleaned up the picture: It might look good on a mug with Christmas coming up...
  5. Hopman

    Sculptured image

    Close! It's King George's Dad, Albert Edward.
  6. Watch Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445 Freeview 81 Sky channel 328 Freesat 306 Youview 81 will be showing this film on Monday at 11.50 BFI: New Towns for Old1942. Factual. This wartime public information film combines impressive shots of industrial poverty with inspiring words scripted by Dylan Thomas, proffering new housing and better lives after the war
  7. Hopman

    Ladybower and Ashopton

    Thursday 25th October:
  8. Hopman

    Sculptured image

    A little more detail. Any guesses where this is? I suspect many will have seen this but few look at this part.
  9. I spotted this yesterday. Does anyone recognise it?
  10. Worthing Road from Google Streetview (cropped)
  11. Save the image with the names and print it out to put in the envelope. Really delighted that this enigma has been solved.
  12. Picture Sheffield have a 1920 image of the Wednesday showing stripes, so we can eliminate them. I've put a request on Twitter, if that brings any results I'll let you know.
  13. The team could be named after a location: Woodseats, Wincobank, Wadsley etc or it might be a works team (John) Walsh FC? If it weren't for the shirt design, one might even guess at the Wednesday, but 1920 wasn't a good season for them. The date doesn't tell us if it's the start or end of the season. The two shields might mean a trophy won the previous season. It would be a laborious job trawling through the April-May sports pages to see which teams enjoyed success. It might even be the case that the team was not a Sheffield team. Have you checked siblings of your grandparents to see if they were footballers?
  14. What was your grandfather called and what age would he have been in 1920?
  15. Hopman

    Great grandad

    Possibly the coke ovens at Orgreave?