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  1. I remember the food court at crystal peaks but it wasnt there for longbut i cant remember any of the nmaes of the food outlets though,and remember the cinema too,ucI I went to see a fish called wanda there with my mum yrs ago it was a funny film!
  2. Does anyone remember what that pub was called on high street where you used to have to go down stairs to it?
  3. My eldest brother spent time in middlewood hospital,he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1983 at the age of 21,when middlewood was closed he went to live in a bungalow complex which is just up the road called FOREST CLOSE.he spent some happy years there until he sadly collapsed & died on March 25th 2004 aged 41 years from Bronchial Pneumonia,My parents were never the same after that happened,and my mum died in May 2007 & my dad just recently in November 2011. There is only me & my other brother left now who is 47 & I am 41.My brother Steven on one of his day visits homeMe with My brother's Steven & Christopher in 1998 in a pub att christmas nr stocksbridge
  4. ah right i see its the first ive heard of it,but saying that i don't get down intake much now my parents have Died,only to go to cemetary on Mansfield road or go to the dentist twice a year as I live nr firth park now which is 2 bus rides away!
  5. sorry i dont remember them but my brother is a friend of a keeton who is a relative of the funeral director
  6. I dont work with Intake scouts, I just said my elder brothers and my 2 children went there,and nope its not in hollisend park bowling club,its at Intake methodist church(across from ball Inn).
  7. My 2 older brothers & my 2 children used to be in 270th Intake Sheffield
  8. CITY SCHOOL,STRADBROKE ROAD,SHEFFIELD I left in 1986 and it is now a Business College