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  1. Thank you for your responses everyone. I did think it was strange why there were no recent 'old' maps available. It was what a specific section of land was being used for near the train station. I'll find out somehow I'm sure. Thanks, Phil
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know the links to where I can find decent quality OS maps of Sheffield from the 70's or 80's? I'm specifically looking for Sheffield (midland) Train Station if that helps Thank you in advance!
  3. Great stuff guys. Very interested stuff. Never noticed the houses on Canning Street! Look in sorry state of repair!
  4. What a shame that the council didn't decide to keep a small number if indeed they are all gone.
  5. Might be a quick answer, but does anyone know of any back-to-back houses that still exist in Sheffield? I was speaking to someone this week who thought a small number were still in the Attercliffe area and were never demolished? Cheers all!
  6. Good to see the responses on this topic. Gatehouse on 91 Crookes Road, now being used as a B&B I think! https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.379806,-1.501511,3a,49.9y,290.64h,93.16t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sLyybNfsmON8tLg491VdLFw!2e0
  7. Thank you for the responses everyone! Interesting stuff! Another I've thought of - Norton Church Road, serving Norton Hall, S8. Thanks for doing the list Steve! Google Streetview
  8. Gatehouses were originally built at the entrances of large manor houses or buildings of importance. Sometimes the manor houses or larger buildings they were 'serving' were demolished and their gatehouses remain! How many can people think of in Sheffield? A few I can think of: Hemper Lane (top of Beauchief Drive), S8 Oakes Park (on School Lane), S8
  9. Can anyone recognize the pictures below? I'll give you all a clue - S2 postcode and has is not mentioned in the original post or anywhere on this thread.
  10. This is Greenhill Main Road, in Greenhill Village.
  11. Cherry Bank Road, S8 Formally Cherry Tree Road, S8