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  1. I went away from the the forums for a day and I am thrown off my feet with more information on the Parkes. I tried a few years ago on ancestry and kept coming up short all the time. I really wish my Father and Grandmother were still alive to see this. Thank you, Moira I am at a loss for real words to thank you all. I have some photographs that I will pull out and post that my Grandmother brought with her from Sheffield. Lost of faces, but sadly, no names. Not knowing who my Great-Great Grandparents were always bothered me. As I said above, part of my soul was missing. I tell people all the time, let this be a lesson, write down "Family History" and put names to pictures so that our children and grand children can enjoy what we know now. Garth "Happy Canada Day" (July1st) I have sent a email to the Church at Pollington. My Father went there in the late 70's and was told the graves were re-used?? God, I hope not, but I guess that's the way things are done.
  2. Edmund Thank you, Sir That is unbelievable information. Charles's name is inscribed on a panel somewhere in Sheffield of those who served from Sheffield. (Boer War) I now know who Charles's Fathers name was. I hope to retire at the end of 2018 and now Sheffield is a place that I have visit. Growing up as a child, my Grandmother, Evelyn was so proud of her Father, Mother and Sheffield. She alway's had a display of their effects on what I called a Memory Table. I have some trinkets Charles brought back from the Boer War. A very small sewing basket is one item. I used to look at the family bible with the names in it all the time. There is even dried flowers and Peacock feathers from her parents funeral. Evelyn passed away in 1973 when I was 15 years old. So many proud memories of her legend she left behind. I can still smell her oatmeal cookies and the afternoon "Tea Time" we had together. That was a very special moment for her. I miss her so much, this has brought me to tears. Amazing connection for me also; Myself, I was a Reservist in the Canadian Army and have an affliction for WW1 from researching Charles A. Parkes Jr. and his tour of duty in Belgium. I also was inspired to write poetry as Charles did. Once again, Thank you Edmund for the memories of my Family in Sheffield. Sheffield is now part of me. Garth Wetherall Waterdown, Ontario Canada
  3. Hmmm "Yorks" was what I remembered from what my Father said, but that may not be correct. http://www.stgeorgesharrogate.org/stg30policeconnections.htm#P.C._Charles_Arthur_Parkes The information at St. Georges website was supplied by me. I am attaching a few pictures of papers from the family Bible that I have here. They seem to be cards from funerals. The cards say where, Charles and Alice Ann are buried, Pollington-cum Balne Church. My main reason of search is to really find out if there is any existence of graves left. One picture attached is the inscription of the inside cover of his police Notebook. C.A. PARKES WILSDEN The writing in the notebook is hard to read. Last picture of funeral card for "George Thomas Parkes" is where this name was listed on "Charles's Probate" in the posting by "Edmund" I don't even know who George Thomas was, brother?? I see that Charles was fond of Poetry as I have several of his poems and the one written on the funeral card of Alice Ann. When my Grandmother, Evelyn was old enough to leave the Police Orphanage, she came to Toronto, Canada with her brother Charles Arthur Parkes JR. A few years later, she went back to England to get her youngest brother Leonard Cecil Parkes. Evelyn moved out to western Canada (Rosser, Manitoba) where she met and married my Great Grandfather, William Wetherelt. At about the age of 17months (of my Father), his Father Willian Wetherelt passed away. My Grandmother, "Evelyn" and son, moved back to Toronto to be closer to her brothers. She remarried a few years later. I want to thank you all for your help. You have no idea what this really means to me. It's almost like part of my soul is there in England and I just want to touch anything thats left from family. Trying to trace family is a real chore as I am situated in Canada.
  4. Good day My first posting was in the wrong area of the forum,,,, Ohh, well, long day! I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, Charles Arthur Parkes (Jan 09, 1870 - Feb 13, 1906) Buried Feb 17, 1906 at the Pollington-cum Balne Church Also, Charles wife, my Great Grandmother, Alice Anne Elliot ( July 31, 1868 - July 12, 1903) Buried at the Pollington-cum Balne Church Would there be any existence of a gravestone or marker? I would love to come and visit. He joined the Yorks Police, July 25th 1894. Called up for duty with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guard during the Boer War. Re-appointed to the Yorks Police March 26th 1902 and resigned Aug 01, 1904 due to ill health. The three children went to the St George's House, Northern Police Orphanage in Harrogate, after Charles death. Later, the children in 1912-ish, immigrated to Canada Children; Evelyn May Parkes (March 01, 1894 - April 13, 1973 in Canada) "My Grandmother" Charles Arthur Parkes Jr (Sept 25, 1896 - Oct 9, 1927 in Canada) served, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles - WW1 Leonard Cecil Parkes ( April 20, 1902 - April 21, 1949 in Canada) served, RCAF - WW2 Fourth child, Winifred Belmont Parkes (April 14, 1900 - July 01, 1904 in England) Attached are pictures from the archives of Yorks Police. Myself, I live in Canada. Thank you
  5. My Great Grandfather is; Parkes Charles A Corpl Coldstream Guards 115 as listed above. I would love to find out as much information on him as I can. Garth Wetherall Waterdown, Ontario Canada Back row on the right