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  1. Hi Speedbird, Only just picked this thread up, Apologies! The Fox Street Air Raid Shelter was at the junction of Fox Street and Gray Street and I believe took a direct hit that night. I am 84 years old, on the night of the Blitz I was living with my parents at 9 Fox Hill, we were in an Anderson Shelter that my Dad erected in the back garden. even though I was very young I still have thoughts about that night. Over our back garden wall was Holy Trinity Vicarage which took a direct hit in the bombing, as a result our house was badly damaged by the blast. Afterwards we were told we had to move out that same night, we were escorted up to the large Air Raid Shelter adjacent to Andover Street Methodist Church on Nottingham Street, quite a long way from Fox Hill, but this was the nearest Shelter, as the one on Fox Street was hit on the same night. Incidentally, later in the year, a Static Water Tank was installed in the bomb crater with steel pipes running from it overground across the pavements all around. regards Alan
  2. I also worked at Orgreave Plant up until its closure, as I understand Orgreave Hall was dismantled brick by brick by Rotherham Council and put in storage at one of its Depots. I think some of the masonry has now been used to make a "Clock Tower" at Treeton Cricket Club.
  3. In 1951 / 52 I worked at FEL- Electric, a firm that manufactured transformers. They were next door to Butlers
  4. There was a pub called "The Empire" on Charles Street I think opposite The Minerva.
  5. Just seen this thread, so sorry for being late. The tunnel you refer to is not the one over the Wicker. There was, and is a tunnel starting from Bridgehouses Goods Station under Rock St. and Pitsmoor Road and came out at the top of Macro Street. In the late 40's when I lived around there, there was a derelict pub at the corner of Macro St and Pitsmoor Road, this I presume was the Tunnel Inn. It stood approx. opposite to where the later Highway pub was.
  6. Back in the early fifties,(I am an old codger) it was a workshop/ storeroom belonging to Sheffield Gas Company. I had an uncle who worked there.
  7. I reckon the original Photo was taken from the roof of the Lyceum Theatre.
  8. I first flew in 1955, in a Viking I think,( no tricycle undercarriage.) The airline was "Eagle Airways", flying from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam into Blackbush Airport in the south of England.
  9. You mean the mother of Dale Winton, Sheree Winton, real name Shirley Patrick from Fitzalan Street,I used to go to school with her
  10. I lived on Fox Hill from 1936 to 1964 and I remember all the places and things that have been talked about in this thread. I remember the Duffs living in the Tower House as Mr Duff used to chase us off the property in 1940's when we used to play on the "Old Gardens" As regards date of demolition, the memory fades slightly but I think it was when they were preparing the area for the new estate.
  11. I used to walk across this bridge every day in the late 40's and early 50's to go to town from my home near Rock Street. At the Nursery street end was a Gentlemen's Urinal and at the other end of the bridge was a paved area and some buildings before coming out onto Bridge Street. Round the corner to the left were The Sheffield Forge and Rolling Mills.
  12. Thanks everyone for the prompt replies, I think you've cracked it! ---- Stentor.
  13. Anybody know this building on Saville Street?
  14. There is one, I think outside The Junction Hotel Woodhouse on Station Road.