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  1. I spotted him last night so many thanks for the full baptisms My other baptisms are from the parish registers in Leicester, just have no starting point for Mary and Hannah but have Mary and Hannah with the family in Leicester. Hannah of course, only appears 1841 not born within the county and in an inquest report in the paper 1868. Mary never marries and is always born Sheffield Thanks Willsy
  2. Most of my family are from Leicester, one branch intertwines with a couple a generations and Elizabeth Warris is the gran that is always around looking after them so to speak. I want to try and trace her and her husband back a generation and this had brought me to Sheffield, an area I am not familiar with. I think this could be their marriage Collection: England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 Name: Ann Warris Gender: Female Baptism/Christening Date: 16 Jul 1809 Baptism/Christening Place: ROTHERHAM,YORK,ENGLAND Birth Date: 16 Jun 1809 Father's Name: John Warris Mother's Name: Elizabeth Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00907-4 System Origin: England-ODM Source Film Number: 919316 and the first 2 possibly 3 children are born in Sheffield as is their mother Elizabeth. John Warris dies Dec 1830 so I don't have a birthplace. They had 8 children I know of Sarah ? Bap 14 Apr 1811 St Peter, Sheffield Mary c1811 ? Sheffield Hannah c 1814 ??? John c 1816 Leicester Elizabeth c 1818 Leicester Martha c1812 Leicester Nanny c 1823 Leicester Ann c 1826 Leicester Ann 1813 bap St Peter, Sheffield details passed on Hannah is rather elusive except for the coroner's report as her husband was a boatman, so Elizabeth is always with the children I can account for the Leicester baptisms but I can't trace Elizabeth, Martha or Nanny at all, everyone else marries in Leicester and I have traced them OK. I am not sure where to start looking in Sheffield. The Sheffield baptism dates were passed on to me so I don't have the parish info, John when in Leicester was a moulder. John c 1785 from burial Elizabeth c 1783 born Sheffield from census returns Any pointers would be much appreciated Many thanks Willsy
  3. Thank you very much Hugh, have pulled quite a bit of info together with suggestions from here, much appreciated
  4. Thanks Hugh, yes it is an H looking at it again. I think more reply options was the only one I didn't try, laughing at myself right now as I attach lol
  5. Thanks Hugh Silly question, how do you post on here? used to adding attachments but not quite worked it out on here, thought better to ask The minsiter looks like James W Fish and they married 22 June 1873...the church looks like it finishes ...auths John's marriage in Leicester has Peter father grinder as does Harriett, John Wood is a witness at Harriett's marriage Having found more burials for the family, George as married Brammer, was living in High Road, Elizabeth his mother (married to John) died at that address
  6. Many thanks for the Wood reply, was thinking the same as they have a son Peter. I can tie the boys in as the miltary records match census returns and if only Elizabeth had put Leicester on all the returns! I do have library access to the papers so i will look for the newspaper article, have found Peter's marriage there already, have a certifcate for Harriett Wood, daughter of Peter but I can't read the church, would i be able to post it here as I am not familiar with the area?
  7. I am researching the Wood name too, I have the marriage of John Wood Occ Grinder to Elizabeth Powell in Leicester 22 May 1869, his father is Peter Occ Grinder. I have found a set of military records for George putting him at Adelphi Street, father John then a second set that mentions Annie Elizabeth Brammer and children. I don't have any certificates for George but the marriage certificate might fill the gaps. Elizabeth is as born Sheffield till later where she is from Leicester and the family live in Adelphi Street for quite sometime. I am sure they all connect looking at census returns as Peter seems to be a family name and following there trade also. Hope you are still on here Willsy