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  1. Not sure who Doris and Kitty are. Have found Arnold and notice his second name is Walker after his grandmother. Also, have just followed through JFY ( no. 3). If I've found the correct one, he didn't marry until quite late. I'm assuming that is his picture that you've posted. I'm sure my mum must have talked about all these people but, as a child, I used to yawn and switch off. I was not in the least bit interested then, regrettably. I'm posting a photo of Sydney Yeardley who was born in 1906, the 3rd son of Ernest. The picture shows how well off the family were in those days! Syd, wife and child went on one of the £10 package deals to Tasmania in 1953. After a rough start they settled down and were very happy.
  2. This is an interesting family photo taken at Morecambe in about 1919. Amazing beach attire! I think my uncle Stanley ( James Stanley Yeardley) must have taken it. The people on the snap are: Ruth Bridgewater (Stan's future wife), my grandparents, Amy Yeardley and Wilson Greaves. Sitting on the sand are Roland Yeardley and Dora Yeardley.
  3. Are these pics of Frank's son, the young Frank born in 1896/7? If so, it's interesting that his wife was called Alice too -like his mum. Do you know when they died?
  4. It's great to find more and more info about the Yeardleys. Albert Yeardley, the 6th sibling, died in 1961. Does anyone know anything about him? Here is a photo of my Aunty Amy's wedding to Wilson Greaves in 1923. She died - childless - in May 1968 aged 75+. Not a good photo, I'm afraid.
  5. Good as new, Steve. Thanks. To continue the military theme, here is a photo of my uncles Ernest and Stan who both fought in the first world war. Graham, do you know when and where the photos of great uncle Frank were taken?
  6. It's wonderful to see pictures of my great uncles so thanks for posting these. The photo of JF junior in Poona answers my question about his whereabouts in 1901 when his wife is living at her brother-in-law Frank's house. I thought he might be fighting in the Boer War as his daughter was called Alice Pretoria. I have done a lot of research on the Yeardleys and also have got back to 1806. I have attached a snapshot of my grandfather Ernest Yeardley with his wife Charlotte and children Amy, Charlotte, Ernest and Stanley. It was taken in 1901.
  7. Oh after I had attached the photos of our ancestors I meant to ask you if you could attach any more Yeardley photos. It would be great if you could.
  8. This evening I decided to google the name of my great grandfather, John Fletcher Yeardley. Imagine my surprise when information re his photo popped up. Of course I couldn't access it until I'd registered but once the picture had appeared on my screen I knew it was him. Also, the information given ties in exactly with my research. His first wife, Elizabeth (nee Walker), died young in 1879 and he remarried in 1883. Elizabeth Minton, his second wife, came from Shropshire. I will try an attach a picture of her and also, my granddad, Ernest who died in 1946. I never knew him as he died a few years before I was born. My mum remembered John Fletcher as a big man with a huge moustache. My cousin sent me the pics a couple of years ago. But Elizabeth Minton was our great grandma (step) not great great. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see a photo of John Fletcher. There is still a likeness to him in my family.