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  1. Hi sorry only just seen this It would have been around 68 to 70 .The leaders were a married couple who had a son a little older than myself I would have been 10 or so I can't recall the families name unfortunately
  2. Hi all You may be able to answer a couple of the questions of my early years ive struggled to remember. I was in the boys brigade and we attended at a wooden hut just off Yew Lane on the footpath that goes between the Youlgreave and Rocher estates Can anyone tell me what company it would have been?I`ve a feeling it was called Creswick but... Also I have memories of attending a very busy sports day in the late 60s possibly early seventies but I cant recall the location ,always had it in my mind we travelled on the 17 bus to somewhere at Firth Park ? but also got a memory of it being in the grounds of a large house or hall Thanks