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  1. Can anyone give me the exact dates which the sections of the Parkway was built please.
  2. Richard have a look in the kellys of 1935
  3. Both the Bentley Brothers lived on Norwood rd of the motor dealers in the Wicker.
  4. When I worked at Henry Matthews and sons on Cricket Inn Rd in 1957 I was 15 and they sent me next door to S A Wards with a load of cyl heads and clutch plates for grinding when I took them in to the noisy shop all the machines were belt driven from overhead spindles the gaffer said to me that we don't have time to do them so they sent a bloke to show me how to surface grind them he did one of each and sais tha nose ahr to do em nahr so gerr me a jpb thereon wi it so I did and it was a Snow grinder,I became so good at it they offered me a job there but I declined but I loved doing the work.I used to go every day,they had a shop inside which sold drinks and pop and choccy biscuits etc so I had an order from the guys at Matthews.
  5. Just about where the bus stop is.At one time in the 50s Bill displayed all ,his trophies in the window imagine that now.
  6. Sorry I forgot to say that this was in the 60s and 70s I built the bike and had it 18yrs.
  7. Does any one remember my Triumph Trobon,half Bonnie Half Trophy,it was possibly the cleanest and prettiest bike around at the time,I was well known in sheffield with that bike,it had high level exhausts with racing reverse cone megas with nothing inside it was really loud,full of chrome and two blues paint scheme,all the gold lining was 18crt done by a sign writer friend,it had a 5gallon fi-glass Gold Star tank fitted,rearset footrests,clip ons and rev counter kit fitted,every single nut bolt and washer was chromed and it was VERY quick.I used to hang out at the Disc Jockey and Flamingo also was well known in Hillsboro.
  8. The 3 brothers were the Storeys.Bill Beevers road in many TTs both solo and Sidecar and at one time held the most replicas of any TT rider,he finished his bike career as a travelling marshall.Bill and his wife Lilly retired to a bungalow at Castletown in the IOM where they both passed away in their eighties.Bill was one of the first in sheffield to have an Etype Jag they were both friends of mine and a still possess a few xmas cards and letters from them.
  9. Correction Nursery St should read Corporation St.
  10. The picture shown is Andrews Toledo works and appears to be taken from the bottom of Ash St,the Sheffield Rolling Mills that I knew as a child was at the Junction of Bridge St and Corporation St. and always looked like hell on earth to me,it made my mind up at an early age never to work in the steel industry.The motorbike shops were,A Clayton near Wilcoxs shop and Motor Spares at the bottom of Greaves St and was owned by Joe Quince of Oughtibridge the other motorbike shops in the area were Leather and Simpson Infirmary Rd and Smiths at the bottom of Henry St also Howard Kenyon near Leathers.
  11. I have a Burgon and Ball sheepshearer,it consists of a metal tripod and a 3ft tube,on top of the tube sits a system of enclosed gears and a handle to turn the gears,to which as best described as a large speedo cable which operates a hand shear,also fastened to the gearhead is a small grindstone for sharpening the shear cutting blades.Does anyone know what years these were produced?
  12. The rightful place for the meadowhall statues is in Hilltop Cemetery on Attercliffe Rd to commemorate the great man who brought sheffields industry to life,Benjamin Hunstman,without this man Sheffield would be still a backwater with Rotherham being the prominant town.
  13. Gillmar,there is a book on German pork butchers in Britain by Sue Gibbons ISBN No 0 9537734 4 2 it is from Anglo-German family History Society Publications,it could be helpful to you.I went to the Sheffield Archives but they sent me to the Local Studies at the Central Library with little success.
  14. Gillmar, the Landsrat of Kunzelsau is a friend of mine and is helping me to find relatives of Louis Hiller pork butcher of 36 South St, The Moor Sheffield and I visit Kunzelsau every year. Mr Hiller came to Sheffield from Kunzelsau in around 1830 and is buried in the General Cemetery.