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  1. Thanks to Edmund & SteveHB. I didn't know the City Stores was a Coop store, there is no wonder I couldn't find it. You certainly put me on the right track. Arthur Turner who worked on the staircase died shortly after the bombing of the store. The family said he never recovered from the shock of seeing the building in flames & it was this event was the last nail in his coffin. Thanks Fellas!
  2. My mother used to tell me about a building called the City stores which was situated near the end of Fitzallan Square near to where Primark is today. She told me that there was a grand staircase in the centre of the store which was a project that my grandfather worked on.Unfortunate the building burned down & the staircase with it. Whether it was bombed or not I do not know. I have tried to find out information about the place but to no avail so I have asked on here to see if anyone can come up with any information. Any help would be appreciated. PopT
  3. Hi I did finally get a picture of the 8th Earl of Scarborough. Although he had all his papers and pictures burn.t on his death , I didn't give up hope of finding a picture as I know from experience pictures always seem to turn up in the most unexpected places. If anyone wants a copy please get in touch but please be patient as I travel quite a bit. Happy Days? PopT
  4. My wife Yvonne Woolhouse is a relation of Leonard. They originally worked at a Sawmaking firm on Bradfield Road, Hillsborough but later on Langsett Road when the firm moved. We are both interested in the family history and would love a copy of the picture if possible. The only image we have is a poor copy done on an office copier years ago. Email Address is Popt@btinternet.com Thanking you PopT
  5. I read somewhere there was a split in the Jewish Community in Sheffield and there were two Synagogues open at the same time. The Mikvah which was in a house on Victoria street was free to the women of one group but all others were charged for its use. I hope this adds to the discussion. PopT
  6. Hi Edmond Thankyou for your post it was just what I was looking for. I am now looking for the site of Nutt Hall at Wadsley. William Woolhouse a Saw Grinder was living there in 1851 but after that it seems to have disappeared. PopT
  7. I am trying to find the death of Joseph Nutt who lived in Wadsley working as a Pocket Knife maker. He was married to Nanny Downing and they had a son Joseph who was born in 1766. Any information appreciated. PopT
  8. Hi Lane My Great Grandfather Stephen Terry married Ann Ellis who was born in Spinkhill near Sheffield. I will check my old records for further information. Have you any record of a Ann Ellis born 1819? It would be good to find we are related PopT
  9. Hi Vox Yes that's the place in your photograph. I was told one of the Mooney family ran the pub and so it was interesting to read that Frank Mooney's name was outside the pub. An elderly local did tell me the pub was quite lively with some interesting characters drinking there. My relation was a Bookie in the Burgoyne Road area and was involved with members of the Mooney gang. As part of our family history I am trying to find out about his activities in the Burgoyne Road area and the local people. It was interesting to read that you had lived at 310 Burgoyne Road at one time. In the book, A Corner of Every Street the position of the Municipal Inn is marked in the wrong position on the map. I have no idea when the pub closed, maybe someone else can let us know. Happy Days! PopT
  10. Has anyone any information on the Municipal Inn, such as linnkeepers, regulars, characters who drank at this old pub etc. I am doing some family research and I believe they used the pub in the 1920-30's. Any Info Appreciated. PopT
  11. I believe one of thé Mooney family was the landlord at one time. Would love to know more about the pub and the history of the place. I was told it was frequented by a distant relative of mine who was a local bookmaker who lived in the area. All these old pubs had interesting stories and were essential to the history of Sheffield, PopT
  12. Does anyone know when the apartments in the Palatine Building on Pinstone Street first opened for rent? My great aunt Eliza Terry died in number 1 Palatine Building in 1898 and I think she could have been one of the first tenants of the building. Any intormation appreciated. PopT
  13. I wish to thank you all for your postings, the information you have sent has been great. PopT
  14. Hi SteveHB Thankyou for the maps and your observations. I know the family signed a contractto allow the Sheffield council to dump the nightsoil onto the land at the rear of the house but I do not know when the family moved into Sheffield. My Grandfather was born the Wicker in 1859, so I wonder if the Sheffield council bought the farm and the land to develop the site. In the family's day Terry Street was only a trck up to the farm but I guess as the nightsoil carts began to use the track it would probably made into a metalled road, adopted and given the name Terry Street after the family name. It would be good if anyone could fill in some of these details. Happy Days! PopT