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  1. Cheers all I really do appreciated it
  2. Got Him Tinsley Cemetery JOHN BACON buried 8-10-1916 age 79 Labourer 17 Leeds Road, Attercliffe grave no. QA136nc Now, is there a plan of Tinsley Cemetary anywhere i wonder ?
  3. Thanks HD and Dave......be quiet ;-)
  4. Hi All, I have the name I have the Death Certificate I have Sub District of Sheffield where died I dont have where he is buried Details: NAME: John Bacon AGE: 79 Years DIED: 4th October 1916 WHERE: Sheffield Union Hospital DISTRICT: West Brightside HOME ADDRESS: Leeds Road, Sheffield Any help would be much appreciated please
  5. Evening all, I think this is going to be a big ask to be honest, but here goes. I am trying to find plans of the old Royal Hospital that show where A&E was, Emergency wards, Surgery wards and also Littlewood Ward, Norfolk Ward, Edgar Allen Ward, Keeling Ward & Pye-Smith Ward. Said it was a good one didnt i ?
  6. File Cutter's Disease A form of occupational lead intoxication due to inhalation of leaded filings Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2011 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. And we thought binge was a new thing !!
  8. The bands at Limit, legendary place, Crazy Daisy, and Similar The Meatwhistle youth club (back of Sheffield City Hall) No roof on the Kop at SWFC Hillsborough (got it's roof in 1986)
  9. Togger is a word meaning football correct and you don't hear it much these days either. Thank you all
  10. And that's why I love this web site. Thank you all, you are amazing people
  11. Hi All, Happy Easter to you all and i hope the easter bunny brings you lots of eggs. Ok, now to the good bit . Just had a look at a 1911 census and this street name appeared. 1. I cant make out what it says and 2. does anyone know where it is / was please ? Thanks
  12. There are plenty of 'hole in the roads' in Sheffield mate. Where do you want me to start photographing ? Sorry Neil, could not resist it.
  13. Oh wow, what a gentleman and now i owe you several beers. Thank you so much you are an absolute star sir. Do we have meetings because i mean it about those beers Regards Glynn
  14. Done some quick looking. Alberta was born 1877 Masbro, yorkshire. She went to Sheffield Union Workhouse in 1899 and passed out as a nurse in August 1902. From then it would seem she married in 1904 to a John George Christoffer Tyssen and there the trail goes cold for me i am afraid. But, at least i know somwthing i did not know several hours ago :)
  15. Thank you for your hard work i really do appreciate it Glynn
  16. What a top man, and first attempt. I owe you a very large beer my friend, thank you. I dont suppose she is still there on the 1911 census by any stretch of the imagination ?
  17. Hello All, I am trying to find Alberta A Beckett. Now, Alberta was a trainee hospital nurse at the Sheffield Union Workhouse Infirmary from 1899 to 1902 when she qualified as a nurse on 9th August 1902. I have looked on the 1901 Census under her name and the workhouse but cannot find her. I am obviously doing something wrong, so, i thought i would ask the forum to see if you can help me please? Regards Glynn
  18. Thanks all. Now i know why i cant find it on the maps on the site - because that one is missing, oh well maybe it will materialise one day. Now, how do i find out which house was number 42 Granville lane ? Glynn
  19. Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I have a relative that says they lived on Granville Lane. I have looked in the map section, but cannot find any reference to Granville Lane. Was there such a Lane and if so , where was it please?
  20. Thats it, but i cant make out the name. Just as a point, i tried to click on one of those maps on the site earlier for Sheffield Park #69 and it would not work ?
  21. Is there a Kellys directory for the 1980s ?
  22. I remember Faldings opposite Holme Close, but i cant for the life of me remember the other name of the newsagents
  23. I would think that as a starting point on all your subjects would be the Sheffield Library or Sheffield Archives i know they will be in a position to help you along.
  24. If you come down Walkley lane past the Masons pub on your left and look across the road, i remember a newsagents being there but cannot for the life of me remember the name. I can remember the newsagents was called after the chaps surname. Can anyone help ?