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  1. Hi all, Can anyone enlighten me on where the mud mill dam near the premises Messrs. Sanderson Bros, at Brightside, Sheffield please ?
  2. Thanks all for your help and suggestions i really do appreciate it.
  3. They defo lived at 104 Bungay Street during and after the 2nd World war and were there till the mid 1950s. Bungay street is just off South street (see map)
  4. Sorry this image has the board marked out - Apologies
  5. Hi all, I attach an image of the Norfolk Arms at the top of Bungay Street, Park because the image i have is very, very small. I want a larger image because my Grandfather lived at 104 Bungay Street. He was a builder after the war and on this image there is a square board protruding out from the wall. Older members of my family tell me that it was put up by my Grandad and it said "P May, builder" or similar, but on the image i have you cannot see it. I am hoping that if anyone has a larger image they might be in a position to make out some graphics , so, can anyone help please ?
  6. Thrush Street at Walkley is still cobbled, or it was last time I went up there. Will find out this week and let you know
  7. Thanks Richard, so we can assume that it's about the first world war years or just after. Many thanks
  8. Slight problem in that I don't know their names, but, I have it on good authority that they are family, so I cannot look on the 1911.
  9. Yep that looks right to be honest with you Thanks for the help
  10. Hi All, I need help identifying the uniforms these three members of my family are wearing please. On the reverse of the image it has "Electric Studios 137 Pinstone Street" so i think this might help identify the year or years. If you need a better scan then let me know, but the original is very dirty and tatty.
  11. http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924104001643/cu31924104001643_djvu.txt.
  12. Oh forgot to say that you have not got Vision on your list either ;)
  13. Scala Timpani - fantastic Sheffield group, saw them live at Top Rank in about 1982,3 or 4. I have still got their session on tape when they did John Peel' radio 1 late night show. Band members were: Russell courtney - on drums Simon Kemp - on Keyboards Russell Bonnell - vocals of the band Vision Chesh Wegrzynski - on lead guitar Alastair Broadhead - on Bass
  14. I have one death certificate from 1916 When it was the Sheffield UNion HOspital and I have just had a look and it has the same UD aft the address. Mmmmm someone might know? Thanks Barbara
  15. Barbara, What does the UD stand for under 12 Herries Road as the place of death ?
  16. Yeah I did know that thanks, but, I know nothing else and it makes me wonder how many more there are that we don't know about?
  17. John William Starkie was another Munitions worker who died on 8th January 1917. He worked at Cammell Laird Sheffield and all i know is that he was 'Killed in an Accident'. Has anyone got another information on him ?
  18. I have quite a substantial spreadsheet with Civilian workers killed during WW1 but as above I have a long way to go. This list consists of dock workers, air raid victims, munition workers, navel bombardment etc. I don't suppose we will ever get a list like this finished as I know of some who died that on their death certificates has no reference to the way they died in munition accidents, and of course not all will have been in the papers. Is there a list of Women who were issued the triangular 'on war service' badges by the munitions of war committe as I know everyone had a unique number.
  19. Oh well seems that we can't do anything, again so I don't know why I bother TBH. All I know is that the pupils that want to learn do and as I said have a wonderful place to do it in, so my money must be doing something right !! What I will say is that The PFI is a way of creating PPPs by funding public infrastructure projects with private capital, is there another way ?
  20. Hi all, I did a search but found nothing, so here goes: I am looking for a list of Munition workers that died in Sheffield in the Great War 1914 - 18. Is there such a thing and if not anyone got any ideas how I could trace them please ? Regards
  21. But surely there is a maintenance contract built in to the tender and if not why not? Is the question I would be asking. Even if the maintenance contract was for a fixed period, say 3 or 5 years it could be re- tendered for so that the upkeep of the property was to an agreed standard. I know other government astablishments, departments etc have them built in more and more as privatisation takes over.