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  1. Correct Dave 3 Court 7 House Newham Road
  2. I have just checked and it is deffo Newham Road unless it has been transcribed wrong ?
  3. Cheers, but its just a paragraph i need from the book and was hoping someone might have Many thanks
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question: Does anyone have a copy of the 'Ernest Adsetts Story' please?
  5. Hi All, I have two relatives that died in 1916 but on modern maps and on Google Earth i cannot find the roads or on the maps on this site (unless i have missed them). I dont know where they were in Sheffield either which is not a great help. 1. 33 Marcus Street 2. 3c 7h Newham Road I was wondering if anyone can help please?
  6. Thanks Steve Have you any idea if / where the school records might be kept ?
  7. Hi all, I have marked three red circles against three schools on this map in Burngreave. Can anyone help me identify the schools please. Also, if we can identify the schools, would the registers still be available for 1916 ?
  8. Hi res image does not show anything more than we can see on the uploaded image, sadly
  9. Hi John, As above re named Maxwell Way and on the front wall you can clearly see the holes still there and on a few of the surrounding properties.
  10. Just to mention that I know about the one found on Manor Lane
  11. Could well be this water. I ask because of this newspaper article I found recently: Gloucester Citizen Newspaper Thursday 4th August 1927 FOUND. Zeppelin bomb dropped during war was found in the mud mill-dam near the premises Messrs. Sanderson Bros, at Brightside, Sheffield ? This is new to me, I certainly have not heard of this before
  12. Thanks that confirms where the factory was as it states I the article. Thank you once again.
  13. You can still see the shrapnel hole damage to the front of the house wall of 43 writtle street to this day. There must have been substantial damage to the house for the repairs to take that long. Are the any surviving images ?
  14. Evening all, Has anyone got a map or similar showing where "Messrs Sanderson Bros of Sheffield" was please.
  15. Yeah I remember it well. The whole street went down to the Hillfoot Pub at Hillfoot bridge. Food, games, laughs and for the adults beer. Is it me or is it different these days because I remember everyone getting involved and having a good time, bu now it is not quite the same. Happy memories.
  16. I have just heard that back in 1927 a bomb was found in Sheffield which was apparently an unexplored bomb from the Zeppelin raid of 1916. Has anyone got any info please?
  17. Patrick James May was the Father of Patrick May my Grandfather. My Grandfather when he married Edith Tew moved in to 104 Bungay street and that's where he had the board outside on the wall.
  18. Mmmmm just my luck ;) Thanks for having a look
  19. Hi all, Can anyone enlighten me on where the mud mill dam near the premises Messrs. Sanderson Bros, at Brightside, Sheffield please ?
  20. Thanks all for your help and suggestions i really do appreciate it.
  21. They defo lived at 104 Bungay Street during and after the 2nd World war and were there till the mid 1950s. Bungay street is just off South street (see map)
  22. Sorry this image has the board marked out - Apologies