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  1. Thanks guys, but the must be some other information out there that tells us about this surely?
  2. He was killed in an accident at the Cammell Laird's munitions factory at Sheffield on the 8 Jan 1917. Any help or information concerning the accident or cause of death would be much appreciated please.
  3. Florence Benton's Father was called Joseph and her mother was Sarah as you know, but I don't recognise any of the people above, sorry, unless you know any different ?
  4. Have you got any names for the people in the photograph?
  5. Now that looks very interesting and one I will be purchasing
  6. Thanks, When you say one killed in WW1 can you elaborate ?
  7. Hi Syrup, There were two James Clarke's in the RAMC during WW1 and fun illy enough both of them were Scottish. Unfortunately the one you list above is the wrong one as our James never attained a higher rank than Capatin Regards
  8. Hi Lyn, Thank you for the information. Do you know if there are any surviving medical records for patients that he treated ?
  9. Yes that's her thank you for your hard work, appreciate it. All I need to do now is find out where she is buried. It's interesting that your mum is a Benton, and are you sure she is not one of us ;)
  10. Excellent thanks you. It's a little ambiguous to be honest. He was graduated from Sheffield University M.B. (Hons.), and 1904; M.D. (Hons.), in 1907. The next snippet of information is that he is a Captain in the R.A.M.C. (T.F.), and that he was posted to 3rd Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, 1915. I find it strange that he is not on the 1911. Many thanks
  11. Yes please if you have them it would be a help
  12. Now that was pretty close to showing the chapel. Thanks and proves that there were ariel images around that time
  13. Hi All, I am doing some research in to a lady FLORENCE BENTON who died in the 4th Quarter of 1917 and lived at 87 Cundy Street, Walkley Sheffield. Has anyone got anymore information like, the exact date of death or date of burial and where buried? Thank you
  14. Had a look but cant find them. What was your search criteria please?
  15. It's a top idea and one I will be using from now on, unless you have the copyright :-)
  16. Ha ha, very true. I seem to remember that somewhere I have seen some aeriel images of Sheffield from around that time (I think), although I could be wrong. I have never seen an image of the Methodist church though and there seems to be hundreds of images of chapels in Sheffield. I am hoping that someone out there has one. Thanks Ted and yes that's the one as Steve has done in his image (cheers Steve). This really does give some idea of whe it was.
  17. Hi All, Long shot i know this one, but a challenge for some of you all the same, and i know you like that Is there an ariel photograph of Princess Street showing the Wesleyan Chapel circa pre 1915 ish or if not, does anyone know of an image of Princess Street Wesleyan Chapel before it was lost in 1916? Picture Sheffield has one of the Chapel but as it is being demolished not in its entirity. I am trying to identify exactly where it was in relation to Princess Street and Windsor Street as you come under the Railway arch at the bottom of Windsor Street, Princess Street end.
  18. Can anyone shed any light on this Doctor for me please? In particular has anyone got any info on his career at 3rd Northern General Hospital? s. of Thomas C. ; b. Sorn, 14 Dec. 1879. M.B. (Hons.), 1904; M.D. (Hons.), 1907. Capt., R.A.M.C. (T.F.), attd. 3rd N. Gen. Hospl., Sheffield, 1915.
  19. I think it was a Chemist if I remember right
  20. Could be that then, I really don't know where that came from