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  1. Not sure that he lives in the house as it does not say on the Census "Niagara House" it states 'Forge Yard' and i cannot for the life of me begin to wonder where forge yard is? On the map it shows 'Niagara Yard' and 'Builders Yard' but no Forge yard. Are we to assume that Forge Yard was Niagara House?
  2. Thank you. I have also found out that there was a NIAGARA HOUSE as can be seen on the map attached but am finding it difficult to find on the Census........can you help here please?
  3. That is so very kind of you for doing the maps, much appreciated
  4. It was named or adopted in the 60s as far as i can gather. The houses on there now were built in 1959, so the council will have adopted it after then?
  5. Thanks Bonnie Guess what? i use Ancestry :-( Much obliged
  6. Evening all, Question: How would i find who was living on Niagara Road Wadsley bridge in Sheffield on the 1901 census if i had no idea of any house numbers or persons names? I am sure that there must be a way, but i am at a loss of how to do it.
  7. Bloody awesome brings back fond memories, thanks
  8. Am i wrong in thinking they were also called "Canary Girls" too?
  9. Weather forecast just said that it was minus 6 in leeds on Saturday night !!
  10. Evening All, Asked this before a long time ago but thought i would ask again. I am looking for an image of: Star Inn, 49 Danville Street, S4 (Burngreave) If anyone can help i would be truly grateful Regards Glynn
  11. Evening All, If i wanted to do research in to the Gaol's or Jails that have been in Sheffield from time immemorial: 1. Is there anyone on the site that i should be speaking to? 2. Has there ever been a book written on the subject that i could use as a reference? Thanks
  12. Oh thats brilliant and yes that could be - thank you
  13. Thanks for the lead. Dont you find it strange that there is no reference to James?
  14. Hi Thats defo Ellen in 1861 census because she is living at the same address as she was in 1851. I have not come across the McGahan family anywhere in my tree or searching's but it could be a lead. Now, I wonder what happened to James May because i find him on the 1851, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 census. I also know that he married in 1875 and died in Sheffield in 1922, but i cannot locate him on the 1861 or 1871 census. any ideas?
  15. Mmmm its quite a mystery to be honest. Its really strange that neither of us can find anything?
  16. Evening all, Still trying to find Patrick May living in Liverpool and on the 1851 Census. My family are from Sheffield, but i don't know when they arrived in the City. If anyone can help i would be much appreciated. I have attached the 1851 census for your info Regards
  17. Awsome you guys are many, many thanks for this Kind regards
  18. Evening all, Merry xmas to all of you. Anyway, one of my ansestors died in 1922 at number 41 Stafford Street in Sheffield. Map number 68 shows nearly all of Stafford Street, but, not quite number 41. The map i need is one that is missing off the website. Can anyone help please? Regards
  19. Hi 1 para, As an ex soldier could you tell me what calibre the two bullets are please?
  20. Hi Liz, There is a W A Cross Here and there is an image available http://sheffieldsoldierww1.co.uk/search4.php?id=223111 Can't say for certain that it is your relative, but, worth a try
  21. Richard, other people can see the images ok ?
  22. Good afternoon all, I have come across this spoon recently It says "Ward 7" which would suggest that it has come from somekind of institution and has a belt type emblem below. On the reverse of the spoon it has a stamp that says "Dixon Stainless Firth Staybright" Any information would be helpful
  23. Fantastic thank to all for helping. I only have to find out details of his fatal accident now.