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  1. Evening all, I am looking for the exact location of number 10 School Lane Park please, if anyone can help. The map is missing of the 1950 OS maps on the site Thanks all
  2. Afternoon all, Can anyone help to identify exactly where number 22 Blagden street, Park, Sheffield was in about 1871 please? And if possible a map showing it Thanks in advance  
  3. Morning all, can anyone tell me where South Street Park started and finished please? Also, does anyone have a OS map showing it in its full entirety? Thanks
  4. Thanks for this but my Patrick was born in Ireland
  5. Anyone with a pair of fresh eyes willing to have another look at this for me please? I still cannot find Patrick May b Ireland 1848 on the UK 1861 or 1871 census. I know that he is in Sheffield in 1874 because he gets married, but the preceding 20 years is still a mystery Thanks
  6. Thanks for that will go down and browse Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if records survive for pupils to the boys school? My father went there in the 40s and took his 11 plus there Any help would be appreciated
  8. Afternoon all, I have included with this post an edited image from Wakefield Prison in 1899. My question is this: In the heading of 'Religion & Birthplace' What are the initials for religion and what do they mean. They look like BH or CH, any ideas anyone?
  9. thank you all for your help, comments and images
  10. Afternoon everyone As the title says i am going to struggle with this request i think, so, here goes. Does anyone have any images or know of any images of the interior of 'Back to back' houses? Told you it was a long shot. Any images will be a start and a MASSIVE help, but in particular i am looking for the type of back to back that had a Cellar, kitchen / living room on the ground floor bedroom on the first floor and an attic above that? Thanks
  11. Evening all, I am looking for information concerning an ex employee at the La Caponina Restaurant on London Road / Abbeydale Road back in the late 70s early 80s. Anyway, cutting a long story short, i was 16 when i went there to work and the head chef was an Italian called Nino Accordino who was a generally really nice guy. When i was sacked from the place Nino gave me his address of where he lived in Sicily, Italy and said that if ever i was going over i was to look him up. Needless to say that piece of paper with his address on it has long since vanished and now i am going to Sicily, typical!!. So, can anyone remember him or the owners Mick & Micheal or the other chef who was called David (i think) Any information would be fantastic thanks
  12. Yes you would be correct. The painting was purchase for £8000 from Sheffield City Council by Fletchers Bakeries and was destroyed in the fire several years ago. There must be an image somewhere of the painting, surely?
  13. Morning all, Just been talking to one of my mates at work and explaining about Sheaf Valley Baths, where it was, how long it was there etc. I also mentioned that Rolf Harris had opened the baths and done a painting which hung on the wall for years. Now, i have searched these forums and found several topics on the Baths, but i have not seen anywhere an actual image of the painting. Can anyone help so that i can show my mate at work please?
  14. Evening All, My family moved from Ireland to Sheffield in about 1861 living in the 'Park District' more specifically just off Duke Street. I was wondering if there were any pubs around that time that would have been called !Irish Pubs! or that were frequented by Irish?
  15. no not really. i have the top half of the street but the bottom half would be on the map 97 i think, and thats what i need
  16. Oh Bu**er (butter) for anyone that asks Thanks
  17. Just a quick question. Map 96 shows Stafford street at the top of the map, but if i wanted to see further down the road which is on the next map how do i know which map number to go to please?
  18. Thanks all it has been a great help, but i am still no wiser as to when the Niagara House was actually built. I will continue my research and report back Cheers
  19. Not sure that he lives in the house as it does not say on the Census "Niagara House" it states 'Forge Yard' and i cannot for the life of me begin to wonder where forge yard is? On the map it shows 'Niagara Yard' and 'Builders Yard' but no Forge yard. Are we to assume that Forge Yard was Niagara House?
  20. Thank you. I have also found out that there was a NIAGARA HOUSE as can be seen on the map attached but am finding it difficult to find on the Census........can you help here please?
  21. That is so very kind of you for doing the maps, much appreciated