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  1. Afternoon everyone. Long shot this one. I am trying to: a. Find the location of the Plumper's Inn, Duke Street, Park, Sheffield b. A Photograph and a Map location Here's hoping you guys and gals can help?
  2. Outstanding sir, I could have sworn it said Vasshouses and not Passhouses. Many, many thanks
  3. Afternoon everyone, Just trying to find someone on the 1911 census when I came across the attached address. Now, its a new one on me and I can honestly say that I have never heard of it. A quick internet search and I cant find anything? Can anyone or does anyone know where it was please?
  4. Thanks for the update its much appreciated
  5. Once posted to them it will take several months before you get a reply. Also, sometimes there is very little information on the records. Good luck
  6. Evening all, I have had a look on the maps but cant find what i am looking for. What makes it more diffiocult is that i dont know where in Sheffield the street is, so i am hoping you can help me please? Looking for Bramber Street and in particular 3ct 2hse Bramber street (see attached 1911) Many thanks all
  7. Fantastic i knew you would find it. Many thanks
  8. Good afternoon all, Whilst searching some of my ancestors deaths, i came across one that died in "MOOR END HOSPITAL"? I have never heard of it, done a Google search, but cannot find anything. So, can anyone enlighten me please? Many thanks
  9. takes you to an image of ladies sorting through allsorts at Bassetts, but thanks
  10. Morning all, Long shot............ Trying to find a photograph of Grafton Street, Park and in particular of number 16 (said it was a long shot). I have coloured number 16 in red for your reference on the attached map Picture Sheffield has nothing, or i cant find anything, but then again that's nowt new :-) Thanks
  11. Yeah i remember him keeping us all awake on a Sunday morning playing on his blinking noisy xylophone when he lived in Walkley !!
  12. Firth Park? http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s19481&pos=3527&action=zoom&id=22023
  13. Fantastic many, many thanks
  14. Morning everyone, Map number 96 (Parkhill, Duke sreet etc), top left corner showes Bungay Street, park. Now Court number 6 backs on to Talbot Lane (i think), has anyone got a map that shows the court and Talbot Lane on the same map please?
  15. Its not firemen's uniform or tram drivers but could, and as Tozzin says Commissionairs. Lets see if anyone else has any ideas
  16. Afternoon everyone and happy Easter. Attached is an image of three men in a uniform that i would like you to have a look at and try to identify for me please. I know that at least one of these men are my relatives and the image was taken sometime during the great war 1915-18@ Electric Studios 137 Pinstone Street, Sheffield. The tunics have two rows of five buttons and two buttons on the cuffs. The cap badge are really blurred on this image and are difficult or near impossible to make out, although it does look like the hats have a ribbon around them. Could they be tram drivers or Salvation Army? i have not a clue and so hope one of you can help maybe?. If you need a larger image i can oblige. Thank's everyone
  17. Frustration is a word i try to ignore now but not very successfully i am afraid. I really do need to see who is living in the house with my Great Grandparents at this time because according to family sources there was only my Great Grandfather & Great Grandmother and her Father and no other person's ? the mystery thickens
  18. Hi Oldbloke, Yes very frustrating, but if you can prove that the people are not living anymore then you can apply for the register to be updated via the find my past website. If the person is still alive, then i don't think the register can be updated.
  19. Hi Neddy, Thanks for the reply. As the war did not start until 1st September 1939 and the register was taken on 29th of the same month i would agree with your comments. Still, we cannot say for sure that the two names are children, so can i get access to the 1938 register to have a look to see if names are listed do you know?
  20. Morning all, According to the 1939 register my Great Grandparents have three other people living in their house in Sheffield. One of the people is named and i know who this is, but there are two other people that have the statutory "sorry, this record is officially closed etc, etc". Now, the only way i can think of to try and find out who these other two persons are is looking on an electoral roll. Problem, is there such an animal for this period and if there is where would i find it please? If anyone needs a copy of the record then please contact me with your email and i will oblige
  21. Sorry, i never thought of that, i should have realised that on the 50s map it would not be there. Anyway i am still trying to find out where number 10 was, so fingers crossed eh !! Thanks for all your help
  22. Hi both, Thanks for the images and help. Interesting that the Lane ran all the way down to Duke Street and makes my quest that bit harder. Can you think of anyway that i could definately find out? Thanks once again