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  1. Evening everyone, Just got a birth certificate arrive from GRO today and it states that my relative was born at number 7 East Street Sheffield. Can anyone enlighten me as to where East Street was please?
  2. Hi Steve many thanks for the info and this is the correct south street (park) I wonder if you could help again please. I need a map showing 3 house 3 court Bungay Street Park please? Many thanks
  3. Evening everyone and a Happy New Year, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but, here goes. I am looking for a map that shows 6 court 12 house south street about 1900 if possible please? Thanks in advance
  4. Yes i think thats Duke Street and the Park School?
  5. on ancestry there is a birth for John Edward Houlden but no death as yet. Name: John E Houlden Mother's Maiden Surname: Needham Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1949 Registration district: Sheffield Inferred County: Yorkshire, Northumberland, Westmorland Volume Number: 2d Page Number: 384
  6. Take a look here http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s31299&pos=196&action=zoom&id=103685
  7. Thank you to everyone that's the building
  8. Evening all, This still is from a movie from the YFA but we are struggling to identify the large building on the far left with a triangular flag. There is, what seems to be the Town Hall on the right? Can anyone identify the building please?
  9. There used to be a landlord back in the 70s as a kid i remember a landlord called Mick who had a white Pyrenean Mountain Dog that ate big tubs of ice in the pub as its party trick
  10. Hi John Yes that's her Mother and Father and possibly Emma on the other census. Many thanks for looking Togger
  11. Hi Voldy, All the other Census and her marriage certificate say she was born in Sheffield so not sure about the Horbury narrative. Although interestingly the 1871 Census does have her down as living in Sheffield as a servant....coincidence?
  12. Good evening all, Emma Hirst b1849 Sheffield. Father Matthew Hirst & Mother Mary Hirst nee Schofield. I can find Emma on the 1851, 71, 81, 91, 1901 & 1911 but she evades me on the 1861 Census. Can someone please have a look with a fresh pair of eyes please? Many thanks all
  13. Thank to everyone for their help and now i have a good idea of where the road was. Picture Sheffield have a great image of the street. Now, does anyone know when the housing in the Sheffield Park district was originally built, such as Bungay Street area off South Street? Or, who would keep this information in Sheffield, would it be archives, planning or Central Library? Does anyone know
  14. Hi Edmund, That's great thank you i at least know where the street is now. As for numbering, well i am sure we will be able to work it out somehow. Once again many thanks
  15. Good morning to everyone, One of mine died at 32 New Street Lane, Sheffield and i cant find it. I have had a look on the maps and also on Picture Sheffield, but drawn a blank. Can you help please? And more specifically where number 32 actually was in relation to the roads position. Many thanks all
  16. Hello Hugh, Many thanks for the link. I can find Whites Directories but I cant find the 1901 though?
  17. Evening all, I am wanting to search the 1901 Census for a specific address only. Does anyone know a way using Ancestry or FMP please?
  18. Evening all, I have just received a death certificate that states death was at South Yorkshire Asylum 1922 and has intrigued me. So, I clicked on the link above, but to no avail. Are these records still available to search online does anyone know please?
  19. Ohhhh I like the overlap, that's clever and gives a real impression of where we are at. Many thanks Togger
  20. So, school lane was behind the Plumpers Inn or first left after the pub? My Great, Great Grandmothers death Inquest was held in the Plumpers Inn by the Coroner Mr D Wightman on 2nd May 1899. I am trying to put together a visual image of the area surrounding her tragic death. All of your input has gone a long way to achieving this and for that I thank you all. Now, any chance there is a photo of 10 & 11 School Lane? Thanks once again to all of you
  21. Thanks you guys. Now all I require is an image (dream on)
  22. Cheeky screen grab lol, I don't know what you mean Thanks for the info
  23. Thanks Edmund & Voldy for the link but difficult to see with the blue filter on the page. Do you think that the central library would have maps that I would be allowed to look at and copy?