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  1. I believe that there is a group of individuals that are involved with keeping the history of the NGH and artifacts, past staff members etc who are based at Sheffield Teaching. I would contact the hospital direct and ask details of the group. They would be in a better position to help you perhaps?



  2. Good evening,

    In 1976 I worked at la capannina restaurant om Abbeydale Road. I remember the Chef was called Antonino (Nino) Accordino who would make me a creamy dish everynight before I started work. Does anyone remember this restaurant or Nino or anyone else who worked there. I also remember the two owners were a *** couple that lived in Dore. Anyone know if Nino is still in Sheffield or if he went back to Italy?

    la capannina sheffield 1974.jpg

  3. 6 minutes ago, HughW said:

    The only maps I know of with that amount of detail are the 1950s maps on here and the insurance maps of the city centre. You could compare a detailed map such as this 1890 town plan with directories or electoral rolls...

    adelphi st 1890 town plan.JPG

    Did the fire insurance maps cover this area?

  4. So, we ca

    3 minutes ago, HughW said:

    Also Adelphi St (Sheffield Daily Telegraph 31 Aug 1880)

    addeys fields 1880-08-31 SDT.JPG


    So, i think we can safely say that Addeys Fields was on Adelphi Street then, fantastic (i love this website). Now has anyone got a map of Adelphi street showing the house numbers from circa 1880 please?

  5. 1 minute ago, unrecordings said:

    Not an easy one to google, I keep getting results for Abbey Fields, Abbey Lane etc (working on the assumption that the 'fields' must be near a lane, court, road, street etc)

    Are you sure it's not Addey ?

    Looks like there's an e in there

    Yes it's Addeys Fields for sure, but i have never come across this but i have Nether Hallam? So, addeys fields must be somewhere in Nether Hallam, is it not?

  6. Good Afternoon everyone,

    Just got a birth certificate and the place of birth is ! "Addys Fields" and this is something that i have never heard of. Can anyone enlighten me and give me some idea of where this was in Sheffield please?

    If possible a map of the area would be very appreciated.

    addys fields.jpg

  7. 7 minutes ago, boginspro said:

    That's interesting, it is noticeable that in Mate's Square number 1 is to the left of the entrance arch and numbers then go round clockwise, so I suppose it is likely that Court 4 followed similar numbering.

    So, if you count as Mates Square it would mean that there was not a number 19 and out of the court to number 20?

  8. Hugh, the three children are my relatives but i would be very interested in seeing the five baptisms please. I only have James, Thomas & Michael born there, so another two would be a bonus. James May and Mary Murphy are my GG Grand parents. James is first seen in Sheffield in 1875 when he marries Mary at St Maries, before this James is very elusive. Born Ireland 1849 and thats all i have.

    Boginspro, There is certainly house numbers on the certificates so there must have been house numbers, but as to which way they were on the Fire Certificate map is debatable. Although it would be nice to know as the picture Sheffield image could be my ancesters actual house?

    Also, thanks for the links they are brill


  9. Evening all,

    Not sure that i have posted this in the correct place, but here goes.

    I am looking at one of my ancestors and have discovered that he lived at 4 ct River Lane, about 1886 to 1888 Sheffield which was near the Midland Railway Station (as far as i can gather)?

    Anyway, it seems that whilst living at this address he had three of his sons die as the death certificates say that 4ct River lane is place of death of these children. One of the deaths in 1886 and two in 1888, but i have also found a death at the same address for a Mary Rogers in Aug 1888 whilst my ancestor Mr May was living there with his wife who has a different maiden name to Mary Rodgers. 

    So, my questions are:

    1. How can i find out who lived in this house at this time? (census does not tell me anything)

    2. Was the house a B&B type house where more than one family lived or similar to a work house, maybe?

    3. The three children are buried in a different grave from Mary so perhaps not related?

    4. Or, have i missed something and not seeing it?

    Please help if possible


  10. Good Afternoon everyone,

    I have a death cert arrived today that i cannot work out the cause of death. Well, i can read the first part (Scarlatina 14 days), but the second cause of death for 7 days i cannot decypher?

    Can you help please?

    James May jr death.jpg