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  1. I remember two flower sellers that stood under the underpass which goes from Angel Street to the Dove and rainbow pub. I think they were Father and Son but cannot be sure. I used to buy a bunch of flowers for my wife every Saturday 1980 ish. Does anyone remember these guys?
  2. togger

    3ct Stafford Street

    Many thanks Edmund
  3. Morning all, I am looking for a map that shows 3 court & 4 court Stafford Street Sheffield if anyone can oblige please? Thanks
  4. togger

    Addys Fields ?

    Mmmm interesting that there is an addeys street and the same name of buildings on Adelphi Street. Obviously there is a connection somewhere?
  5. togger

    Addys Fields ?

    Did the fire insurance maps cover this area?
  6. togger

    Addys Fields ?

    So, we ca So, i think we can safely say that Addeys Fields was on Adelphi Street then, fantastic (i love this website). Now has anyone got a map of Adelphi street showing the house numbers from circa 1880 please?
  7. togger

    Addys Fields ?

    Yes it's Addeys Fields for sure, but i have never come across this but i have Nether Hallam? So, addeys fields must be somewhere in Nether Hallam, is it not?
  8. togger

    Addys Fields ?

    This is all there is ?
  9. Good Afternoon everyone, Just got a birth certificate and the place of birth is ! "Addys Fields" and this is something that i have never heard of. Can anyone enlighten me and give me some idea of where this was in Sheffield please? If possible a map of the area would be very appreciated.
  10. It was a COMET retail store aswell in the 80s. I remember driving a Sinclair C5 out of there and around the one way system
  11. Thats the one. Do you know if the records are searchable after 1910 or are being transcribed? I ask because the year i need is1921
  12. The link above has stopped working? Does anyone know where it has been moved to please?
  13. togger

    Cause of Death

    Afternoon everyone, I am struggling to find out what the cause of death is on the image attached. And also, what exactly is the illness please? Many thanks
  14. togger

    What was the premises ?

    So, if you count as Mates Square it would mean that there was not a number 19 and out of the court to number 20?
  15. togger

    What was the premises ?

    Image attached - I think this is 1 house court 4 River Lane