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  1. Good evening, In 1976 I worked at la capannina restaurant om Abbeydale Road. I remember the Chef was called Antonino (Nino) Accordino who would make me a creamy dish everynight before I started work. Does anyone remember this restaurant or Nino or anyone else who worked there. I also remember the two owners were a *** couple that lived in Dore. Anyone know if Nino is still in Sheffield or if he went back to Italy?
  2. I remember two flower sellers that stood under the underpass which goes from Angel Street to the Dove and rainbow pub. I think they were Father and Son but cannot be sure. I used to buy a bunch of flowers for my wife every Saturday 1980 ish. Does anyone remember these guys?
  3. Morning all, I am looking for a map that shows 3 court & 4 court Stafford Street Sheffield if anyone can oblige please? Thanks
  4. Mmmm interesting that there is an addeys street and the same name of buildings on Adelphi Street. Obviously there is a connection somewhere?
  5. Did the fire insurance maps cover this area?
  6. So, we ca So, i think we can safely say that Addeys Fields was on Adelphi Street then, fantastic (i love this website). Now has anyone got a map of Adelphi street showing the house numbers from circa 1880 please?
  7. Yes it's Addeys Fields for sure, but i have never come across this but i have Nether Hallam? So, addeys fields must be somewhere in Nether Hallam, is it not?
  8. Good Afternoon everyone, Just got a birth certificate and the place of birth is ! "Addys Fields" and this is something that i have never heard of. Can anyone enlighten me and give me some idea of where this was in Sheffield please? If possible a map of the area would be very appreciated.
  9. It was a COMET retail store aswell in the 80s. I remember driving a Sinclair C5 out of there and around the one way system
  10. Thats the one. Do you know if the records are searchable after 1910 or are being transcribed? I ask because the year i need is1921
  11. The link above has stopped working? Does anyone know where it has been moved to please?
  12. Afternoon everyone, I am struggling to find out what the cause of death is on the image attached. And also, what exactly is the illness please? Many thanks
  13. So, if you count as Mates Square it would mean that there was not a number 19 and out of the court to number 20?