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  1. hi use to go there all the time went out with one of waiteres threre many moons ago
  2. hi started working there as glass collecter started going out with managers daughter one night asked as im big lad how do you fancy working on doors tonight as we are one doorman sort so said yes been on doors ever sinse all round sheffield and rotherham
  3. hi was daisy reguler and worked on door there and dated sue from Human League yes Crazies times
  4. hi my names dave i was a regular at penthouse and remember the gogo dancers good times
  5. hi i was doorman at roxys from 87 to 89 was there when hit man and her was there and on vip lounge met loads of stars pete waterman kiyle jason london boys sona saneta loads more and was there when lighting rig fell on a girls head great times started as doorman at hartbeat at skating rink queens road all so worked at other clubs up to present day i ,v got some old pomo stuff sweat shirts if anyone got photos please uploads