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  1. Here's a few memories of a few company's you may have used after hearing on Hallam....I did post these back in 2008 earlier in this thread,but thought you might appreciate hearing them again! http://www.mediafire.com/?bcmw1htztdf The recordings are taken from the Master reel which was saved when they moved from Hartshead.
  2. Just to bump this up again... I'm wondering if anybody has access to the 1980 Hallamland and 1982 follow up package of jingles recorded by the Sue Manning Music Company in HQ/Studio Quality,either from the masters or studio carts. The reason is simple. My father worked there from 1978 to 1986 and would love to hear them again in great quality. Also,I am good friends with an ex-Hallam jock who is trying to create an archive of classic British ILR jingles (he has already saved masters for a number of stations such as Trent and Radio Tees) who would love to ensure that a high quality copy is available to be referenced for future generations.He can also assist in the transferral from reel or cart,and has experience of digital remastering,having undertaken such a role for one of the BBC Network stations that celebrated it's 40th Anniversary in 2007 and would be happy to offer any assistance if needed. Please also note that I would be happy also to supply any digital materials such as CDR's,DVD-R, or external hard disc storage should it be required at no cost to yourself. If you can help in anyway,please private message me and I would only be too happy to contact you directly.
  3. Thanks for getting back in touch! Jonny,you wouldn't be able to copy any of them onto a CD for me,if possible?Especially the full Sue Manning packages from 1980 (Hallamland) and 1982 (Gerard Kenny & Kiki Dee "If It Sounds Good It's Hallam") which are my own personal jingle holy grail,as they were the great Hallam packages I grew up with when my dad worked there and the one's missing from my collection I'd meet the cost of CD's etc and post if thats a possibility.Drop me a PM and I'll sort you out with my details. If you could,you'd make an old jingle anorak very happy! And remember,if it sounds good,it's Hallam!! :)
  4. Would love to hear from anybody who's got any old shows and in particular good quality dubs of the jingles Hallam used in the late 70's and early 80's. I've got plenty to share back as well. Both myself and a friend who's in the business are in the belief that this stuff should be archived in a digital format for future reference,and not dumped and forgotten about,as most of the original Hallam archive was. We'll even help you out to do so,and return everything to you in the format that you wish plus of course the originals,once it was done Feel free to PM me if you need any further information or want to talk more - I'd love to hear from anybody who may have worked at Hallam (you might remember John,my dad,on Sportacular doing the non-league football between 78 and 85) or liked to "Have a Radio Station As A Friend...." .
  5. Can anybody remember or have any photos of Fannys,the club on the edge of town at Owler Bar? We got talking about it in the pub at the weekend and were trying to remember what it was like.. Anybody want to start the ball rolling?
  6. ...and what I wouldn't give for a copy of said book ,plus the one that came out about 5 years later. They're like golddust but I'd pay a small fortune to get hold of them both...
  7. Just you wait until you hear these... Old Hallam Adverts I was lucky enough to gain these with a large number of other ads and jingles dubbed from a good friend who had once worked at Hartshead and Herries Road and almost cried when I heard them. My old fella was the non-league football correspondent at Hallam from almost 8 years from the late 70's to the mid 80's where he then went into print journalism, and his job was taken by Brian Bradley. His boss was the great Alan Biggs - a lovely bloke. Many was an evening spent in the newsroom at Hartshead with him and my claim to fame is that I was there and saw the news come through via telex that John Lennon had been shot.
  8. Found this on YouTube... Some shots of said buses....Leicester,Derby,Greater Manchester,Tyne & Wear,Nottingham,NBC United ,plus a few Dommies,Van Hools and the old MAN and Leyland bendy buses! Sheffield Buses in the Early 80's