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    My great grandfather, Albert Twigg, built the Broadfield Hotel in 1890 and I have lots of memorabilia including knives, forks, spoons, dishes, plates, etc inscribed with "Broadfield Hotel - Albert Twigg". I also have a receipt book showing that 7 pounds was taken in the first week and 10 years later the pub was taking 100 pounds per week. I also have a correspondence book with copies of letters sent from the pub for 15 years, fascinating details of life in those days. The grand opening by the new owners was December 15, 2011 and I flew over from the USA to present the management with copies of documents from the early days. My great grandfather has a bond stoage for his liqour in London and I see Kev has one of the old bottles. Chris Twigg, 218 Third Avenue, Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951, USA +1.321.594.4204