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  1. My dad is a taxi driver. He and his mates always went to Vera's for bacon, sausage, egg and tomato sandwiches. I think this was as late as early 90s.
  2. Bruce's younger sister Helena was a famous show jumper in the 1980s. She represented Great Britain, then married a German. Since then she has competed for Germany.
  3. Used to see Phil in the Yorkshireman in the city centre quite often on Friday nights back in the early '90s
  4. I did some Boxercise classes he taught at Ponds Forge. It must be about 10 years ago? I'm not sure. He was great! He did all the exercises with us and was so fit he could laugh at us to make us work harder. I learned how to skip properly from him. When it came to the boxing part I really wanted to punch the pads hard, but had no energy left.
  5. SteveHB and Lyn 1 - thanks for the info and links. RichardB - the spanner in the works is intriguing. I've never heard of Hallwood Hospital being on Bracken Hill before (see SteveHB's post for location). Is it possible it later moved?
  6. Hi Does anyone have any information about Hallwood Isolation Hospital? its on the A61 just past Grenoside, heading away from Sheffield, set back from the road in the woods (not the Grenoside Hospital on Salt Box Lane). I used to ride in the woods near it when I was a kid, and it was always quite scary, as the trees around it were brown and dead. So far I have found a photo at Picture Sheffield, and think it is now a private house. I had a walk up the drive a couple of months ago, but it is still surrounded by a very tall wall. https://www.hpacde.o...jpgh/s23638.jpg Any info would be appreciated. Thanks