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  1. 1966, of course - I must have had my "extra power" rose tinted specs on. May I expand this slightly? When did the last steam powered freight appear in Sheffield i) as a regular booked working and ii) as a one-off?
  2. I have heard that the 7.06 train from Sheffield to Leeds was steam hauled "Late into 1967".  I had not heard of this before.  Does anyone know when this finished? Does anyone know what the rest of the diagram entailed?  What other steam passenger was there in 1967?  There was the Bradford - Poole and the Chinley services but was there anything else?
  3. Thank you for all the replies. The Post Office is shown as one of the north parade on quite modern maps - strange as it must have moved many years ago. I hadn't noticed the two styles of the south parade buildings, must have a look.
  4. I was in Fulwood village the other day & got to pondering the history of the area of shops in the above area. The southern parade seems to be fairly modern (50s, 60s?) and has a modern block of flats behind them. What was here before the shops were built? Looking at the Co-op building the brick-work of the rear portion seems significantly older than the front bit. Anyone know the history of this building?
  5. Thanks Madannie, I've wondered about that for years. I'd forgotten about Gallaghers, when did that go?
  6. Why is Halifax Road north of Wadsley Bridge so wide? Presumably it is very old road but when was it altered to give those houses access via the service roads? Were there many buildings before the present configuration?