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  1. Yes the food court was on the lower level where sainsburys now is, the food court was to the left hand side as you came down the elscalator directly behind the model train. Does anyone remember Eddie the Eagle Edwards coming to Crystal Peaks, it was either for the opening of the complex or it might have been the first anniversary ? unsure now, anyway he did a simulated sky jump from the top of the dome, think he may have been on a zip line.
  2. My first job from leaving school was in the food court at Crystal Peaks, I worked there from the first day the centre opened, the unit I worked in was called Potato Junction it sold jacket spuds next to us was a patisserie. A few months after the food court opened a fish and chip shop arrived and there was also a pizza restaurant, we had some right old good times working there. I remember many shifts being seriously hung over having to serve the jacket spuds Yuk !!